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Sierra Nevada Expression Session (SNES) 2013 - @ Mammoth for now


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Hey All,

Lets get some SNES dates on the calendar so we can start planning at least. With the temporary June closure, unfortunately we will need to resort to showing up early at Mammoth Chair 2 parking for good spots and tailgating; Mammoth management unfortunately does not support SNES to the same extent the awesome June crew did :angryfire, but we'll make do this year for now. They do not want any active demo tents or visible board share unless we provide proof of liability insurance, let alone a closed run or a race course :rolleyes:.

For now how do the weekends of 3/9-10 or 3/16-17 sound to everyone? Weather can be a factor at this point in the season, so I am not against leaving this somewhat open so that we can hit the best carving conditions. Since we aren't asking June management to provide all of the great support they have previously, we have some flexibility and all we really need to do is show up and get there early for good parking to allow board share.

Let me know your thoughts and we'll get this scheduled. Thanks all! :D


Starting roll call for 3/16-3/17:

1) nekdut - neil

2) wgarrow, will +1

3) Tim Kienitz

4) 2stroke

5) barryj?

6) Arclite - Julian

7) carvingchef - Andrea

8) Thomas

9) Wolfman - Rolf

10) breesj - Joe

11) SnowAndSurfAddict +1

12) Miltie + family - Tom

13) ?

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Will make any weekend happen, SNES RULES!! lets plan to park together on the right side (skier's left, from top) of the Stump Alley parking lot. Close to the tree line. This will keep us away from prying eyes somewhat. I am afraid that we might get some attention from some Mammoth Hosts who take their job a little bit too serious when we amaze the crowd with our carving awesomeness. Since we are a more mature and respectable group.:ices_ange we should be OK. Until then.

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I will be there.

Hey Theo, Do you have the new Donek AF plate? If so, do you like it? I've been riding my Tinkler the last couple of weekends at Mammoth and I've decided I do NOT like the Tinkler plate. I do not like the response delay and the bump absorbing is negligible. I rode the Tinkler without the plate and it is MUCH better. I would buy the Donek if it is better because of my bad knees.


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I have the A plate. I've seen and played with the af plate but never ridden one. Its a cool concept and from what Will Garrow has told me a much better approach to the slider style plates like Vist and Tinkler. My new Apex slalom board with its integrated vist knock off is super responsive, and its bump absorption isn't anything amazing, but chatter and skittering aren't even noticeable. The a plate takes a ton of response out of the board but on a big stick it doesn't matter and you can do stuff like skim over the tops of moguls. Let me know if you're ever in town midweek, Wednesday and Thursday are my days off.

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Does anyone have a beach chair they wouldn't mind bringing? I'm serious about showing up with my camera and plunking myself at the bottom of the run. My leg is definitely good enough at this point, and I would love to shoot you guys. I'm pretty good at it!

I've got a beach chair for ya. And yes, you are a very talented photographer Theo! It would be cool if you could shoot the 2013 SNES event!

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any solid dates yet? I will have a couple March trips planned and at this point the dates are a bit in the air.

I could give up a run or two to shoot stills from on the run as well. Theo the lenses from work any longer than 200 or 300? I use an old 210mm f/4 on my Sony does OK for action.

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Personally leaning towards the 3/16 weekend, but I can be swayed. I'd like to hit the weekend that has the least weather for good carving (though some more snow would certainly be welcome, too dry lately!).

Thoughts? Based on the posts above, I think I see more votes towards 3/9.

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