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  1. Will be interesting to see whether Mammoth actually implemented a quota system or if they follow the Austrian model. Might head up on December 11 to 13.
  2. thomas


    Might head up this weekend. What board was it? I am still riding my Voelkl RT 162. Some of my boards got stolen about 18 months ago from the barn where I lived. Mostly older boards..voekl RT, a burton factory and ultra prime. Seriously doubt that they made it back onto the slopes.
  3. anybody been over to June yet?
  4. Has anybody been over to June yet? What are the conditions like? It doesn't look to promising from the webcams.
  5. I am heading up this afternoon. - Thomas
  6. Are the multi-day tickets valid after SES is closed? It says x days out of 10. Thx. Thomas
  7. The JM season pass is available on Nov. 9th for $310, if you pick it up in person. After that, it is $399 and available until early January. Once JM closes, it is also good at Mammoth. - Thomas
  8. Still interested. Sent you PM. Did you have any stone grinds done on the board? - Thomas
  9. If the sale falls through, I would be interested as well. - Thomas
  10. I should be up there, as well. 16/17 and probably Monday, too. - Thomas
  11. How old is the board. I am not familiar with the Virus labeling. 5th board in 2006? Thanks, Thomas
  12. Hi Neil, I don't think they can groom Deer Bowl for the rest of the season ... there are still tree tops poking through the snow, but it is open. Half the ridge on Schatzi is still dirt, but the run is open and groomed and you can cut in on the left side going downhill. - Thomas
  13. How are the carving conditions in the vicinity of Salt Lake at the moment? Any alternatives to Snowbasin? Will be heading out there at the end of next week for business and it would be nice to finally start the season! Thanks, Thomas
  14. On a different note, how are carving conditions? Down Wildflower in particular. - Thomas
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