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  1. I will be riding Mmt tomorrow afternoon lunchtimish. Same outfit as in above pic.
  2. Hopefully fresh conditions will allow for some carving like last week... PS I know those sticks in the pic look silly. I am getting old and you try balancing a skwal while waiting for slow groupies. Hope to see you all carving it up in Mammoth.
  3. Hi, Stump, 5, 3, 12, 14, 23 we’re amazing. Canyon and Rollercoaster get shaded and icey faster because of their lower elevation. will go out this afternoon. Keep your eyes open for Coda Vader!
  4. Hi guys, I live in Mammoth, just ping me if you want to carve it up. Been riding Coda Edge skwal for days now. Conditions are fantastic.
  5. Hi guys. Haven’t been up yet but ping me if you are going. Been carving Mammoth. June should be up to par after this last little dump. More snow in week from now.
  6. Doesn't sound good at all. Thanks for the heads up. Hmmmm. I guess i will take the risk and atay in Mammoth.
  7. Will b there tomorrow. Mammoth is powed out. Will bring Coda and Norsk Skwall
  8. I agree that TTC is logistically better than ATC. I just want to be a bit more sensitive to those who are financially as well as logistically a bit more constraint. Unfortunately 3/11 is not going to work for me. Business before pleasure. Enjoy!
  9. Hi, Just putting it out there. Some of you might be considering going to TTC in Kirkwood. But I think I share the sentiment of some of you that this does not make sense for Socal carvers. Distance, costs of passes which most of us already have for our local mountains, lodging, etc.. So lets start chatting about SNES again. Might I suggest February 25-26 or March 4-5? Cheers from snowed in Mammoth!
  10. Hi, Sunday might work for me. There are some awesome pow days coming up which I would have to prioritize. Snowed in in Mammoth as we speak. Waiting for the mountain to pop the top. Cheers
  11. Hi, Its been a while. I will be returning to Mammoth Thanksgiving weekend. Looking forward to dusting of the stick and carve it up. Just let me know if you want to join! Cheers
  12. Hi guys, as initially indicated March 5-6 for me too. Looking forward to dusting off the old skools. Riding my 90's World Cup today. See u soon!!
  13. Hi, I have a board but w step-ins only. Pending conditions I am either riding pow on my swally or June tomorrow.
  14. Hi! 19-20 does not work for me either. Stupid work travel. 5-6 works for me too. I am up already. Its snowing. Powder shots in Mammoth tomorrow, June carving on Sunday for sure. Let me know where and when to meet up.
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