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new toy and admission of guilt


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So I got my new to me Arbor a55 today and it is probably the prettiest snowboard I've ever seen. apart from an epoxy spot on the tail the thing is almost pristine. What a find!




Now for my admission of guilt. I talked myself into a carving a board altogether because I fell in love with the way this board looked, and have subsequently got really stoked about learning to carve. Unfortunately I think I've been practicing active denial as this thing is tiny, and I am not. I'm 5'5" 200 lbs and shrinking, but I don't think I'll ever get small enough for this thing.

I'm going to have a go riding it anyway, but now I need to decide if I'm starting a collection or trading/selling this to get something that is properly sized for me.


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I don't know how strong they are. I am sure if you crashed hard you might break it.

I mean it will torsionally twist off and not support your weight if you are carving it. You could probably fold the nose on it too if you got to far forward. 155 is really short for a carve board, especially for a heavier rider.

Try it out. I am too nervous to take mine into the lift lines.

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I'm not saying that I want to do it, but what were you thinking in terms of a trade? I don't know that I can afford to collect snowboards, guitars, and motorcycles.

I just don't want to ruin this arbor. I'm a little heartbroken about it.


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with no offense, Sir

5,5 and 90+kg your last concern is snowboard...yes because you are on thin ice in a dynamic hobby.

There are many Alpiners with weight issue in the US , but it is merely a symptom of the culture, cross section nothing more nothing less.

Nutrition yourself properly and the efforts toward hobby will have much more benefit longevity and enjoyment.

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Thanks for the weight speech, you are the first one...although the "no offense" disclaimer certainly makes it sting less. :angryfire I've lost 25 pounds and I've got a ways to go, but thanks for rubbing salt in the wound.

I'm certainly aware on my own weight and how it affects the activities I do whether it be snowboarding or ice hockey. Snowboarding is one of the things I do to keep myself active and help me reduce my weight.

with no offense, sir, take a flying leap.

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(This post reserved for another "Greenback plate" joke)

HCW3- Just ride the board. There's nothing sadder than buying something to use and letting it sit. Honestly, I don't think it matters what you weigh at this point, it sounds like you've never ridden plates. Ride it until you find that it's too turny or it won't hold an edge well enough, and buy something else. It might be only a couple of days before you get sorted enough to reach that point. Then turn it over to someone else who will love it. Or if it breaks, you have a cool story and hopefully no injuries.

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Please ignore 110/220. The rest of us do. That was particularly absurd though, even from him. :freak3:

Welcome to BOL. Sometimes it is a nut house.

Yes this is true. He/it is the closest thing we have to a Troll.

Congrats on making some big changes in your life. 25 lbs off is awesome. I am working on the same thing myself.

So keep it up. We do have an ignore button on this forum too. It is useful sometimes.

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