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Bobby Buggs

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Snow was great yesterday, but the top pf the mountain was in a thick cloud. Couldn't see a darn thing. Most people retreated to the bottom half. Still, it was a good start to the week. I'm guessing spring conditions will develop real quick though. Its going to be a warm one.

PS- Drove home from the first day with Dingbat rockin' out to Fugazi while eating Triscuits and baklava. Yeah, we're old...and weird.

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Glad to hear it cleared up.

Between the fog and soft snow, the top half was like a sensory deprivation chamber for me yesterday.

Last forecast I looked at showed colder and colder temps during the nights as the week goes on. I'm thinking the snow should just keep getting better.

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I had to work Jiminy Monday, if the snow was anything like it was there now..... It will be fan-fn'-tastic for jaw dropping perfect turns and superb grip... even for those of us who are in softboots too! :eek:

See everyone tomorrow, I'm headed up with some "down-state-ers"... hope to convert another rider to hardboots and plates :)

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Some pics :)

Saddly I was able to only come ride for the afternoon, the bastards who pay me $ to do a job said I needed to be responsible and show up to work...... I guess...... damnit.

I will try to sneek back up friday if I can, but it looks grim for such.

Got out and made some turns today with familliar friends and tipped back some suds with faces of both new and old @ the griz for apres-ski.

Sorry no action shots, but I did what I could :)

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Stay far away from that 60 year old lady. Better yet run for your life. Hahahah.... wow....she is gone.

She was riding in the Gondola with myself, Eardragger, PaulK, Anne, and a guy ridding a metal Donek (who I have forgotten his name). She was a real chatterbox :smashfrea wackjob, but harmless. She was actualy not too bad on a snowboard, but yeah..... keep a sharp look out for her around 2 pm when the lifts are "free" and the ticket checkers stop checking, it is when she shows up to ride as just like most snowboarders, she is poor! :eplus2:

I got to sleep-in till 9:00 am today, Have to be in the kitchen for 14 hours :freak3: trying hard to get back up for friday, but I doubt it will happen...


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For those of us who are sidelined with broken bodies, or otherwise could not make it, where are the pictures and videos?

C'mon, have a heart! :confused:

Sorry to tell you this while you're layed-up and missing it.

The snow and weather are just so good that everyone is out on the hill making turns untill they are just about broken. Doesn't leave much gas for sitting at the computer and messing with photos and such. I'm sure you'll see some good stuff put up soon though.

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I just got home:freak3: What an event!!!! I know I promised pics but I was way too busy tearing it up with some sick riders. There were a butload of pics taken by some really good photographers and Im sure some will be released soon.

Edit, it should have said, too busy trying to keep up with some sick riders:freak3:

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F'ing ridiculous snow!!!!!!!!!! I just checked my pants and it looks like I creamed them a few times today...maybe it was from the night before. What happens in Stratton stays in Stratton. Except herpes. Those definitely come back. Bruce's VSR alone made the day amazing! That thing can make anyone look decent...even me I think. Too bad I only got to ride it for 2 hours. What a tease till I get one for next season.

It was nice finally putting faces to names. I'd put my vids up tonight but something about a cold beer or 5 seems a little more enticing. Great job organizing to everyone that put probably dozens of hours into planning. And the weather could not have been any better. Its nice to finally ride on real snow again.

Till next time!:biggthump

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Plus 1..... on that.. It was hard to only put in a half day today.. Made it back to Mount Cleveland in record time..

Conditions could not have been any better and blue skys!! just awesome..

Awesome people and the attendance was incredible!! Same goes to all that showed up.. great seeing everyone again.. and a few new faces as well..

The demo tent was great and well run.. Coiler showed up and now I have more ideas spinning around... ohhh what to make next.. yikes..

The Angry 160 was fun as hell...

Now I can now start on the next projects... ha...

Just seems the season just started.. and its coming to end for us out here... Krap ola !!

Cheers to all..

Thanks for the fun it was a gas..

Right Said Shred....

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I'm home and yes I will say all the same things that you have already seen.. Great meeting everyone putting faces with BOL names.I understand it was A great turn out. It was very nice to see such a large number of carvers in one place (I herd 80) . This was my first event and I'm glad I went.I'm sorry I didn't stay all week. I found out some things about my ability to carve. I have become spoiled on west coast resorts and I need to book more trips East so I can improve. I already want to book the next ECES in two years.

Starting from the top. The event was organized very well. The fun contests that challenged me in a way that I never experienced before. To the great food and fun of the banquet. The fine resort of Stratton and the fine groom on Thursday and Friday.:biggthump

On A side note during the 8 hour ride home Shred changed his board design five times. Good luck Bruce.

Thanks everyone Steve

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What a week guys, I had a blast. The ECES was lonnnng over do for some good weather and grooming.

We had a record breaking banquet attendance that was up 35% from our last ECES in 2008. Rumor has it that our banquet attendance surpassed the SES in numbers. We easily exceeded 100 carvers on the hill during the week.

Big Thank you goes out to our vendors and sponsors

Sean, Bruce and Joerg thanks for making the trip.

PSR thanks for running your clinics.

You guys now see we put on a world class session.

Thanks for all the guys that helped out in the demo tent, this was the first time we ran one without Fin and Michelle and everything went off with out a hitch.

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