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DONT POST results until they play it on TV!!


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yes but some idiots my post it in the title!!!! kind of hard to not read that isnt it Allee??? isnt it???:freak3:

come one DB, no need to be so agro.

Go stick your head in the sand until tonight. I for one can't stand the "manufactured" drama that NBC tries to conjure up when half the people already know the results.

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...considering the silly NBC gambit of geo-blocking all incoming feeds (originating out of country), purchasing exclusive rights to coverage, and then tape delay in this age of Internet...nbc has failed and should never be allowed the rights to the olympic games again.

The event is about worldwide participation...not intended to accompany the corollary axiom indicating one purchase access far below substandard (coverage) in order to simply spectate one of the largest goodwill global sport events...

Friends in the west of US are left to the spoilers for real time, and even in WA there is no chance of picking up CAtv feeds...

Delays and feeds are a small part of the story...and I am among others who are not too altruistic to lament the logic behind NBC co. decisions. However, I believe this will be the last Olympics fouled by this type of network control; the proxy streams gave a great indication of things to come from fans with saavy to overstep the NBC attempt at complete blackout.

This coverage was indeed a mess...and less sport with more (angles/human-interest) than most care to digest.

Keep the spoilers coming. And next Olympiad, consider traveling to CAN/EUR for holiday if your intention is view live feed of the Games. In this case, you bypass NBC silliness altogether.

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