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OT: Is anyone watchin' the Tour??


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Being that I use the road and mtn bikes for someof my cross training in the summer months I am a cycling fan. Lance, as of today, vaulted from 9th place to 2nd place in the GC(overall). I went inot work late so I could see the race as this was the first dayin the mtns. I believe I saw greatness today.

He left all his rivals at least two minutes+ behind him and continues to look stronger and stronger. Lance, besides being a great competitor is also an incredible sportsman. At the top of the climb today, he let Ivan Basso win the stage and took second place, even though Lance, if he had won, would've received a 20 second time bonus. According to Lance, he let Basso win because he worked hard today, I felt that he needed to win. What a guy!!!

What the hell is with Greg LeMond coming out and declaring that Lance needs to just admit he is using drugs, instead of trying so hard to hide them. Greg, I used to have the greatest respect for you, especially after getting shot and coming back and winning the Tour, but quit your bitchin'.

Can't wait for tommorow's stage and especially the individual time trial up Alpe d" Huez.

Tune in!!!!

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Stage victories probably do not mean nearly as much to Lance as the other guy either. If Lance doesn't win the battle, he still will most likely win the war. The other guy would be on cloud nine just to win a battle. It is not like other sports where giving up a win means that you are the first loser. Lance gave up a win and (we hope) he will still be the winner.

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I don't care what anyone says: For Lance, or anyone else, to win the Tour 5 times is phreakin' awesome.

Lance is the Michael Shumacher of bicycling; every move he makes is considered, well calculated, and very well timed. Go LANCE and USPS! :D

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I haven't had any TV channels for over 12 years, but I still sneak a peak whenever I can. The Tour is an awesome event. How does Lance do it when most of France wants to see him lose? The guy has a freakish heart, lungs and legs...simply the best in my opinion.



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Guest Marilyn Cambers

Ya, not been able to watch, but keeping track of the progress ... PHENOMENAL!!!!!

Lance just took overall first today (15th stage) .... 1 min 25 secs ahead!!!

He / They (the whole US Postal team) are just awesome!!

Just a few days left, hopefully "they" will rule!!!

Marilyn ;)

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Lemond is turning in to a total weanie (is that legal?) I am losing all respect for the guy.

Lance winning does not take away from what he did back in his day, and it doesn't mean lance is doping. It's a different era....

Anyway, enough about Gregory.

Howz about Lance on L'Alp d'Huez today?

5 more stages, and it should be in the bag...

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Lance actually has a spinal deformation that positively affects his performance. He is able to both sit more upright (for better breathing) but then bend more at the top of his spine for better aerodynamics. I believe this modification was done in the same underground lab where Wolverine had all that metal injected into his bones.

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For you data-heads out there, here are Lance’s stats:

Resting heart rate: 32-34

VO2ml/kg: 83.8

Max power at VO2: 600 watts

Max heart rate: 201

Lactate Threshold HR: 178

Time Trial HR: 188-192

Pedal rpm's during TT: 95-100

Climbing rpm's: 80-85, sometimes faster when attacking

Average HR during endurance rides (4-6 hrs): 124-128

Average watts during endurance rides: 245-280 watts

Training miles/hours, endurance rides: 5- 6 hrs / 100-130miles

Last year a friend and I went down to the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine clinic to do the old VO2Max and lactate threshold tests just for giggles. Well, I did it for giggles, my friend did it more seriously as he races CAT2 in Colorado. The test takes about 1.5 hours and makes you punish your body to its limits. What you get out of it is a fantastic understanding of how you body rates for processing oxygen, your overall aerobic capacity and your bodies “power curve” so to speak. The test might tell you that you have excellent biking potential, or it might tell you to stick to bowling.

One key number is how much wattage you can produce at the point your body starts going anaerobic, other wise know as your Lactate Threshold zone or LT for short. My friend Michael who is silly fast and strong and rides at a Pro level can do 290 watts at his LT, Lance is in the mid 400 watts at LT. Crazy amounts of energy and his body is just starting to go aerobic.

The other number of interest is your VO2. In EXTREMELY simple terms this is your ability to process oxygen. My VO2 number came in at 50.0, Michaels came in at around 60+, and Lance is at 83.8 which is almost the equivalent of being off the chart. The guy is amazing.

As a side note: shaving your legs does increase your aero-dynamics by .000001% so it is so worth it.

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Fin, thanks for the data on the leg shaving part, yeah the data about Lance was great but only makes me wish I was Lance. I knew that shaving my legs had an effect on my riding so then it should be assummed that shaving my head and arms will help also. Oh I got some chest hair to get rid of too. Dang, when I am done I'll be as fast as Petacchi, (during the Giro, not the TdF Petacchi).

did anyone else see the message painted in the road that read "Rip their balls off Lance" it was near the finish. I think he did just exactly that. Basso must've been demoralized to have your two minute man pass you on the climb, Hang in there Basso, only a few more days.

If Lance rides the ITT later this week like he rode today, WOW!!

I've been listening to sports radio for the last few days here in SoCal and they're saying that Lance is the greatest cyclist ever. I called one program and let them know about a gentleman named Eddie Merckx, from Belgium who was going for his sixth tour win and an angry french spectator stepped out and slugged him in the stomach during a stage, Eddie ended up losing the Tour due to stomach pains from the incident. Eddie also won a few Giro d' Italias, Vuelta Espanas and many spring classic races. Lance has only focused on the Tour, Lance has won a few single day races but not t the extent that Merckx did.

My .02 cents worth

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Heh heh,

I love hearing those radio guys talk about cycling. Most of them know next to nothing about it. They know who Lance is, and maybe Lemond, but have no clue about the history of the sport, or anything else for that matter.

I guess you could call Lance the greatest "Tour" cyclist of our generation. Maybe after Sunday the greatest "Tour" cyclist of all time, but definetely not the absolute greatest of all time.

Hey Kent, What are those drugs that cancer survivors are jack'd up on? Where can I get some? If they've made it so Lance can with the Tour almost six times in a row, they could definetely make me a better weekend warior / desk jockey....;)

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Shred, did you made any tests and can we see results? E.g. Cooper's test (how much beer one can drink in 12 minutes)?


Personally I'm amazed at Lance's performance and I really hope, that he is clean (as much as one person can be with nowadays nutrition). Otherwise it would be very disappointing as I'm not interested in biochem companies race....

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Guest Jagger
Originally posted by Bob Jenney

1st, I really appreciate all that Lance has done for the sport. There is no question that Lances accomplishments in the Tour have raised awareness and expanded cycling in the US to levels I never expected.

But, ask me who the greatest cyclist is/was? And I would probably go with someone who can conquer all cycling disciplines and race more than one major event a year.

Mercyx certainly fits that bill in that he won all three of the grand tours and many many single day and multi day classics. Lance only trains for the big gig.

Marla Streb is one of my favorites as are Mark McCormack and many others. Mostly because they can jump on anything with two wheels and stomp everyone.

How about the dreaded Jeanie Longo? Hour record holder, track champion, Tour de France feminine winner (Forget how many times)

Chris Boardman and Ned Overend come to mind as well.

Watch out for Tom Danielson, Genevieve Jeanson, and Mary McConneloug as well as many many others.

Bob the best would be Tomac! (After the edit .) You forgot Bmx ,Technical ability and heart.
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She gets my vote--7 times winner or top four in the HP/Powerbar womens chalenge--the TOUR DE FRANCE for women in addition to all the other results you posted.. She's still doin it what 44 years old now. As far as bob roll goes he may be a goof--but for those of us that have raced with or against him we have another 7- letter word for him. I'm not writing the word because it is not pg-13.

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