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Buying a new board


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Well, I'm going to be buying a new board, and I'm just wondering about any advice I could get about which boards would be most suited for my riding preferences...

I don't really want to go for extreme angles, but I wear a size 28 boot, so I want a fairly wide board.

I'm thinking a Burton Speed 168 may be the best option, due to its 22.5 cm waist width...and they're fairly cheap now...

Also, I'm just now switching to alpine this year, but intend on boarding over a hundred days this winter (moving to Banff for four months, heh). With softboots, I've been riding with angles about 33-38, just to be able to not heel/toe out. But I've found that I can't carve any harder at all with my old Salomon Classic 163...it just slips. It was my first new snowboard... Even so, when I'm at Marmot or Lake Louise, it's been very, very rare for me to see anybody making deeper trenches than me.

So, any advice?

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I don't know if Banff is anywhere near Whistler, but Prior is in Whistler and you can demo boards from them. The have more board designs than are listed on their website, or they'll build you a custom.

Or you could go for a Swoard - www.swoard.com - they're wide.

I have 28s and I can run angles of about 58 degrees with step-ins on a 19.5cm wide board which is a pretty common width. Is 58 still higher than you want?

also here is an article about board selection:


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I can personally recomend Coilers, but from what I hear, it's gotten to be almost a year waiting period for them, so that might be out of the question. But even with the horribly long wait, the boards are well worth it, I love mine. I have a size 28 boot also, and the waist on my board is 18.3cm, and Im riding ~60* front and rear, not too bad at all, I dont know what you consider "extreme" though. When I ride my Amp(Burton), which is a 22.5 cm waist, my angles are down to about 50ish, but still I dont know what you consider extreme. Good luck shopping, and I still reccomend a coiler.




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Banff is almost halfway up Alberta, reasonably close to the B.C. boarder. I was going to get a Swoard, actually....but ... no more 175s :(

I'd like to start my angles at around 47-52, somewhere in there...but around 55 degrees should be fine as well. I really don't want 60+ though...

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Banff is at least 12 hours from Whistler, if the road conditions are good. It's just east of the BC/Alberta border, Whistler is on the west coast.

For Banff conditions, I think you'd be better off with an all-mountain board like the others have been recommending (Prior 4WD, Donek Axis, Coiler AM). I have size 27.5 feet and ride 45 degree angles on this style of board (waist width 21.5). If you're really hankering for wider, some of the Coiler AM lengths are available with a 23 cm waist. If you contact them right away, you might be able to get your board before Christmas. OTOH there are some decent deals on demo/blem Priors right now.

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Bruce at Coiler will set you up just get your order in soon a all moutain or freecarve would be more versitile than a Burton prime/speed and way more quality oriented talk to Bruce about widening one of those its like a extra $50 US for a custom template

I think he has some templates not on the site just gotta ask

I want to ride a Prior badly only heard great things about them!

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So the general consensus is that an all-mountain board, for example, a Coiler 177AM (21.5cm waist) would be most appropriate? This board would have a sidecut radius of 11.5m and a stiffness index of around 7.9?

According to Neil, me with boots only 0.5 bigger, I should be able to get nearly the same angles.

Well, thanks for the advice...

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Guest thomas_m

Don't count on getting your Coiler quickly.

I sent Bruce an email inquiry about a custom Coiler for my wife - no response at all.

I sent Prior an email inquiry about a custom 4WD for my wife - 2 fast email responses with a couple product options. I had the same level of service when I bought my 4WD and also the same from Sean at Donek when I bought my Wide.

I'm absolutely convinced that Coilers are the white hot bomb and Bruce is a layup genius but I suspect that sooo many people have the same opinion that customer service may suffer. I tend not to beg people to take my money.


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Sure, the queue to get a board is long and sometimes you might not get a email or phone call returned immediately... but Bruce is definitely into pleasing his customers, if my case is any example. He spent at least an hour over three calls on the phone with me helping me decide which board to order and how stiff I needed it, and when the board met an unfortunate end in an accident, he offered to build a replacement for a reduced price - a most generous offer considering he explictly states accident cases are not covered by warranty, and his prices are already quite reasonable given that he is building boards with a custom flex for the rider.

I have another Coiler being build, in addition to the replacement, because I was very happy with the first one and I just don't want to spend $850 on a custom Donek... I have some ideas for a spring snow carver that are going to require a bit of customization ;)

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