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Home Beer Brewing?


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OK, straight to the point...what kit (and from where) do I need to buy to get started in home brewing beer? I want everything in it to get started, not needing to purchase anything else, recipes, ingredients and hardware. Opinions?

I want a kit to see if I am interested, before going crazy with "real" equipment. I want to be under $300 all in to see if I want to pursue further.

I love pale ales, IPAs, Scottish ales and stouts. I would prefer a pale ale or Scottish type ale to start with. Stout would be a 2nd attempt.


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if you decide to get serious get glass carboys to ferment in. Food grade plastic buckets are nice but in the end a real hassle to keep clean and sterile. The other nice thing about glass is that you can see everything going on as well as when to 2nd ferment and bottle.

I have a 6 gal, I need to pick up a 5gal for 2nd ferm this fall for MEAD. Beer is fun but in the end I found that other people can make as good if not better beverages than me....mead on the other hand you can't find many places and it's actually quite simple to make...though good mead take more time to age than beer. Buy good yeast and make sure that it matches the beer you are trying to brew...i.e. champaign yeast isn't very good for stout (but it does make a nice wheat or lager)

if you want to touch things



Robs Home Brew

I've only been to Zok's but I bought yeast there and the Frog Bridge is cool

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Second the Williams Brewing Co.

Complete entry level gear and a nice selection of beer kits starting at around $110. If you wish to take your hobby further, hook up with the American Home Brewers Association an affiliate of the Brewers Association of America

www.beertown.com Ph# 1-800-U-Can-brew

Who knows you may be supplying a deck party at WSES in no time.


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Thanks All! I purchased the necessary gear today to brew and bottle beer made from a Festa Brew Kit (from Magnotta Brewery in Ontario). This is 23L of wort, all ready to have yeast added to it and ferment. Ok, so it's kind of like making a Pillsbury cake, but I wanted to start EZ, and then get into the real deal...

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Gecko - I volunteer my services as a Mead tester!

second !

Dibs !

we need a BOL brew club

I got the str8 scoop last night from the brewer,Ray Dobens, about growing your own hops and making a pale ale with at least 6 ozs of freshly harvested hops in the final boil.

I even got a few ladies to eat a hop pellet last night.:eplus2:

rabbit food....?

Wicked tasty.

the Barleywine on tap and the Imperial IPA was sooooooperb :D





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Below are some pics of my fermenting Festa Pale Ale. Do they look right? These were taken 96 hours after being placed in the wine cellar. I had bubbles up to the plastic wrap, but they have since gone down. Yes, the ugly mess you see in the middle is where my two pieces of plastic wrap overlap each other.





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My local home brew supply shop said this would work fine.

2 pieces of plastic wrap to cover the whole top.

Over hang the edges.

Put a rubber band around the whole thing.

Pull 1 inch of plastic wrap out of the rubber band, and push it down on the edge. My LHBS said this in effect is a simple airlock. Figured I would try this, otherwise I would have thought he would have pushed me to buy more stuff from him, which he didn't, to setup it up like you described.

But next time, I will buy carboys and use an airlock, or a top for the bucket with a airlock.

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