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Thor VonRippington

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Hey Scott,

I sold a 172 Axis at the same time you picked up my 4WD. The Axis is a stiffer board than the 4WD. I find it less forgiving, but it will hold a better edge on the groom at higher speeds.

You can do a search for 'Axis 4WD' and likely find a bunch of opinions on the comparison.

Here are a few (I really should be going to bed):

Axis v 4WD 1

Axis v 4WD 2

Axis v 4WD 3

Axis v 4WD 4

It is a slow time in the used board market when a 172 Axis doesn't sell at this price.

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Been Riding An Axis 177 for 2 1/2 years weigh 210 lbs and have only demo'ed the Prior. I found the Prior to be more lively but not as stable while carving, and a little quicker in the tighest of trees. I agree with this statement made by Sean at Donek: "I think the major difference between the Axis and 4X4 is how we weighted the powder vs carving performance. When I designed the Axis, I build a board that could go anywhere, but I looked at the frequency I felt many riders would see hard pack vs powder. I felt that the hardpack won out in most cases. As a result the Axis was designed to be a carving board that can do trees. I think the 4X4 is more of a powder/tree board for carvers. Chris might say it a bit differently, but the flex on the 4X4 is a bit softer than the Axis." Hope this helps and Thor is a great person to work with, looking foward to seeing you on the hill Buell, Kipp

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I had someone ready to buy but considered me risky because I don't do paypal. :freak3:

I would be more than happy to send the board first and collect payment later, but I don't think this person has ever posted to BOL.

I guess my question is... how is someone with paypal less risky? Either way the seller gets the money and then sends the goods.

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Someone was concerned because Thor doesn't accept paypal - that's funny. TVR is as top notch as they come. I have witnessed the manner with which he maintains his boards. If anything, he is too modest as to the quality/condition of what he sells.

As for character (aside from the fact that he is one :lol: ), you can't go wrong dealing with him.

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I had someone ready to buy but considered me risky because I don't do paypal. :freak3:

TVR - if it would help, I will "buy" the board from you and "sell" it to the interested party for the selling price plus PayPal charges. If you and the "buyer" are interested, you could bring the board to Loveland on Sunday. Let me know.

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