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  1. Further jacked up my shoulder today, so sidelined from everything for awhile, probably should get it fixed... have fun!
  2. Is this a private party or can anyone join? Details?
  3. Experiencing LCI shenanigan withdrawal, so anything beyond the menial tasks of domesticity, would be a pleasant change. Even a Sat or Sun bicycle meetup might suffice. One more episode of HGTV and I'm gonna start fix and flip'n old Burton asyms! Everyone take care and stay well!
  4. Tired of domestic projects, so....... okay, I'll play... I too, have been thinking I have enough excellent high speed carving blades, so thoughts have turned to a SB carving tool to upgrade from the somewhat soft 163 Donek Twin (bunny hill ripper). I spoke with the Never Summer rep in December at one of the swaps, whose familiar with the LCI and highly recommended I demo the Swift 162, claiming it to be THE powder-to-chum-to-groom quiver killer. The following weekend, I demo'd a 157 at Lovey and check back throughout the day, but the 162 never come back in. Initial impression of the 157 o
  5. Had to make a no-show decision last night, due to lower back issue. Hoping to rejoin the antics next week!
  6. Awoke with a head cold on Friday and finally pulled out of it last night, so no Sunday Lovey visit here. Colt and the fam however went up yesterday, but even with 2' of fresh pow and waist deep stashes, he said the bumped-up traffic and insane amount of people everywhere on the mountain ruined the vibe. Not a lot of pending fresh in the forecast this week, so Tues-Fri midweek visits should be offer some nice, albeit soft groom. Hope you hooligans in Montucky are rippin' it up! later James
  7. Proper speed and staying low to the board are huge factors. Don't complicate trying to carve, with too much speed and staying upright. Work at slower speeds and if you low-side, no worries, just work on holding the edge at a comfortable speed, while staying low. Too many try at the onset to carve at mach speeds, on steep slopes, riding semi-upright and unless they are already comfortable carving, they will skid the turns and not complete them smoothly. I found, I was always trying to go too fast and keep up with the bigger (younger) kids and found I had to slow down and not be so aggressiv
  8. Unsure about next week... Early Sunday was fun riding with DT, Ink and Shelly and even with the cool Lovey breeze, conditions were pretty good. Later it got crowded, so I joined Hailey and Trevor down at the Valley for lessons and Hailey wanted to make a couple runs off lift 3. On the trail at the bottom of Switchback, I managed (with help) to ride off the edge at speed, yard darted headfirst into the powder, forward flipped in the air and somehow managed to slam myself back onto the trail. Hailey gave me a 10 for airtime (actually heard her scream, while in midair) and -1 for swearing
  9. Simply Magnificent Sunday! I could leave it at that and say, if you weren't there ya missed out, but being a somewhat semi-ethical character and in accordance with Big Mario's weekly banter, I'll elaborate: LCI turnout was somewhat lackluster, nonetheless well-represented for breakfast at the Wedge by Hailey, Dylan, myself and joined later by Shelly. Bluebird skies, light breeze and early day snow conditions, nearly as perfect as I can remember. Traffic and crowd reports will be omitted however, as they're boring..... on to the fun stuff! First run groom was firm and fast and soft
  10. Hard or soft boots? Idea of waist width? Carving, freestyle or all mountain oriented?
  11. I'm no expert, but I re-read your original post and like me, you may be overcompensating in other areas, when maybe all you're trying to accomplish is to keep your heels down. I have very small ankles and high insteps, so I had the same issue, before remembering the ankle inserts that came with my Driver X softies. They're "V shaped and pretty thick, so I experimented with differing thicknesses of the same type material and some Velcro on the outside of my liners and now my heel feels very solid. I no longer tighten my boots to the point of cutting off circulation. I'm no orthopedic specia
  12. Yikes Mario, we do not like hearing such reports! I thought Hailey was going to cry when I told her. Take care and give us an update when you're feeling better, so we can breath again. Heal quickly sir, and as Lance said, if you need anything whatsoever, let us know! On Sunday, our group of 6 had a great day, highlighted by good traffic, sunny skies, great snow and warm temps. Hailey took Colt and Lori to the Basin right away, acting like a tour guide. I stayed down at the Valley with the boys, but after a couple hours, the teens were ready so we short bused it, for a few green laps
  13. Dusty Bottle


    Interested sending PM
  14. Hailey had a sleep over and I wasn't feeling my A game and sure enough, got the crud (dang little bus rats). If my head clears and Hailey wants, might show this week. For sure some holiday riding. later James
  15. Yesterday was a great 1st day back on the hill! Hailey is already asking about next Sunday, so we'll see you guys there! James
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