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  1. Jack....are you saying that if I love my UPM BP V2 4mm lite....and I Do! ....that I'm gonna be OMG!!! with a UPM Donek or Vist plate??
  2. Wow! That just freaks me out! I'm no Engineer but surely the length of the board with and where the Plate was attached and the effect as a fulcrum (the Perfect Storm!) at 50mph contributed to.... Design Failure???
  3. It's purely a visual thing - no difference in performance - just don't like the latter model flat black top sheet I thought the shiny top sheet model was the Bomb!, and yes it made it Super Slippery without a Big Stomp Pad!
  4. I'm looking for a Turny Little Bandit and I Want On Of These SF162's!! I'm 225lbs and like a softer board. Don't need a stiff piece of lumber that I can only ride for a couple of hours before my legs give out! Been there- Done that! Mark, can the stock board handle my petite 6'2' 225lbs. ????
  5. $1440 Man! For that K Alpine Ride It's A Steal And Soooo Worth Every Penny! As another K devotee I can't say enough about my K168!
  6. Daveo - I had a 161 Demo I got from Don and I can say it's a Turny Predictable Little Bandit!! AND I'd say if I could find an unmolested carbon 2017-2018 (the shiny topsheet model) D O 161 I'd by it in a heartbeat! You seriously gotta try this board! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!
  7. Is he saying the UPM/Allflex "inserts" made the board weaker and he loaded the nose and it snapped?? From the photo the Plate seems intact and the break is above where the Plate is attached. From his bio page the only board he has a Plate on is his Donek 185 Rev with an AF Plate......so that probably was the board. Must of been Hauling to load up that 185 - Ouch!!
  8. Ouch! Nitro so sorry to see and hear the news.... Can you explain what and how it happened........ and how UPM/Allflex Plates impacted your the outcome??
  9. barryj

    FS: MADD 170

    You know the mileage/history from the original owner? Why you selling??
  10. barryj

    FS: MADD 170

    What model year is this from??
  11. barryj

    FS: MADD 170

    Wow! How'd I miss this! Dude how many days/runs you put on the SG......and what's the width and weight range??
  12. omg! Moss Heaven!!
  13. Crote and Redia That looks like Great conditions! Looks like time for a road trip!! It's only 2 hours drive for me!!! When does Bromont close for the season??
  14. This is my first plate so didn't really know any better but no issues I guess....it's still running great and still in one piece!
  15. Yep....I do. I got a BP V2 4 lite on the K168 and would like to see how the BP 5mm differs....and I want to try a Plate on my Coiler EC SS 177
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