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  1. Ditto there........ rode both and Nah, their too specific in function and not very versatile!. My U5 was much more fun/versatile than those. How about the MMD 152 ...it's 264 in the waist and rides like it's a 162 I thought it was a hoot with hard boots and plates. Kind of the middle between a U5 and PQ60 imo Wants to carve but Really happy in the chop and pow. .....and no "tails" to get banged up in the trees or in the liftline jungle..
  2. Uh......OP you talking about us Greybeard riders or the equipment??? Right now I'm injured and ancient!
  3. Hey d Sorry to hear your troubles. Those boards your searching for are truly hard to come by for sure in the US. Why not a Moss PQ60? I love mine and I'm 230lb and a Modo 28/10ish Pretty sure I know the shop in question. I'm sure they will do right by.
  4. AA Which NH Sport Thoma you talking about....Lincoln or Waterville Valley? And is there a particular Tech you use??
  5. For NH I think Josh at Rodgers Ski and Sport in Lincoln is Tha Man. For Cali.....If you come up to Truckee any this season I'd go to see Cooper at Smooth Rides....did great tunes for my boards. https://www.smoothridestahoe.com/
  6. Curious what the consensus may be..........but don't shoot the messenger! Seeing another member's opinion from another post ("most people here think body dragging is not good form") recently on the topic made me want to ask the question of you guys "here".....aka: poll for consensus based on their statement. Personally I enjoy the EC style/skill. It's a great skill to have in your bag of tricks. Mix it up, throw a few EC turns into your run, but not every single turn. More importantly, I have seen many more soft boot carvers/EC riders tearing it up at Northstar and Heavenly the last couple of years....... softboot EC carving is the new hot trend and bringing new blood into the mix and our niche from what I see........
  7. Hmmm......."most people here" Are you speaking as "here", this forum West? ....or are you referring to where you ride? I would have to disagree. I enjoy the EC style/skill and agree with Seb, mix it up, throw a few EC turns into your run...... it's a great skill to have in your bag of tricks....but not every single turn. Not sure about this either. I spent the last 7 years riding in Cali and soft snow is no problem to lay a few EC turns and I have seen many more soft boot EC riders tearing it up at Northstar and Heavenly the last couple of years....... softboot EC carving is the new hot trend and bringing new blood into the mix from what I see. Sounds like it's time for a new Poll!
  8. Kneel thanks for the Thirst ice-coast rider input. What was your SF build .....anything special or just straight height/weight/usage/area, custom? Thanks Dave I'm on the hunt! I've been sooo tempted by the SG 163XT FR in classifieds......I like a 20cm waist, but not so sure about the XT's 22?
  9. Like that thinking Dave! I do have some concern as to the Thirst's Ice-coast capabilities but I'm one and done when it's boilerplate, so not a deal breaker. I agree the top sheet is a work of Art! I had already talked to Mark and I can get in the Thirst queue for this season for $250 I assume your suggesting the SG FR over the FC....correct? Duly noted TLN....... but supposedly the Thirst SF 162 is/was a women's board also.....as originally designed by Mark.
  10. Hey AA, don't see any board specs oh JJ's website. Maybe instead of a JJ custom what about just going (used) shorter, say 157-160 JJ's boards are plenty stiff......I doubt my 225lbs. would snap it.
  11. Hey Ursle, Had thought about an MK but 18cm is a little to narrow for my taste.....I guess I.could go custom 20cm waist but more concerned a MK takes too much effort/energy/focus/legs to ride for more than a couple of hours. Where you riding your B203? Haven't seen anybody on a Virus up here at Cannon/loon/Bretton. Frank is tha Man! Loved my Virus UFC! Scary Fast!! ..... but my thighs hated iit!
  12. Hmm........ what's the SCR? what's the waist? what's the recommended rider weight? how many runs/hours/days are on it? what model year is this from?
  13. Just saw it............ very clean looking! For plates or soft bindings? My only experience with JJ was an SL I got to ride and it was way to stiff, like Virus, for me! My legs were dead after 1 hour! Guess he could soften up a custom for me...but I'd have to ride another to see if their all that Stiff before I'd pull the trigger on one.
  14. Hey BG Thanks for the suggestion. What WS board did you base your custom SL off of? How much was it? Photos?? Plates or soft bindings?
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