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    5 pair old style nitro stepins,I prefer the mechanism on the binding, 12yrs hard use still goin strong;2 burton rattraps;
    sold off; raichle Xbones; catec os1
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  1. that's a strap in not a step in
  2. b0ardski


    surprised you didn't go over the bars on that one
  3. new favorite term "toilet zombies"
  4. "What do you call that?" was definitely the most frequently asked question of the season
  5. I guess being skier when snowboards happened I already meshed with plastic, used supercomps to ski on a snowboard (always consider them the same sport) thru the late 80s, they were a far better board boot than anything made at the time including alpine mountaineering (kolflac, raichle etcl) that spawned hardboots. I used the original plastic tele, scarpa teminators also for a bit, big change from the leather, before buying nodica SBH (modified TR9 A.T. boot). then on to my 1st "ground up" hardboot, UPS asyms. I'd put the leather/plastic merrels up against any stiff modern softboot Regardless of boots, nobody stands perpendicular to their skis but you can on a board, not that I'd ever want to.
  6. $30 PVC rain pants, I prefer florescent yellow so they can find you in the fog Get the matching coat for extra steeze points
  7. I'm surprised they did this w/out adding a stepin option
  8. so if I bought a kessler and said it was great, would you guys be arguing about thirsts?
  9. fresh tracks sun. in foot deep mank in toomey's trees(steep is your friend), then dancin at the outback made a great last day definitely a day for snowboard, with good wax, though the 172 thirst bx was a bit scary in tight trees
  10. kissed the center pole good-bye yesterday chair 6, I've loved you since we 1st met 35 yrs ago when I learned to ski powder, I'm gonna miss those 16 oz. lift rides with a chance to rest
  11. fit is everything, performance is secondary
  12. I learned to always bring a pow board to a carve event
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