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    bend nails
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    sold off; raichle Xbones; catec os1
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  1. don't know if I'll do sunday but friday for sure
  2. b0ardski

    Bend it....

    love that kemper suit Ace
  3. 98 last aint gonna cut it for me, I'd have to punch the ball of the foot. not sure how well they would take that
  4. holy crap, pumping it around to catch another wave is AWESOME
  5. as summer carving becomes fall carving my off season carving jones has been cured, the remedy is expensive but oh so worth it onewheel chores potholes in the dark this is roller carve and this is minicarve 2 beers to a full charge, thanks to Utara Brewing ps 525mi on XR in just over 2 months, 50mi on the Pint in 3 weeks
  6. yea, I was gonna buy extra if that's what it took
  7. 2 days from the deadline, clear cut it closer than last year
  8. god I hope Schwietzer doesn't sell out to vail, the culture will be gone or maybe it's too late and better get it while I can
  9. procrastinates R us, Sorry my summer carve addiction has ursurped my usual pre season fervor
  10. did I mention giant full circle heelside carves at 12mph on fresh pavement are totally worth $2000 375 miles in 6 weeks
  11. heel 1st baby, heels 1st
  12. b0ardski

    Bend it....

    ...and he aint that heavy.
  13. I might have to back off that "no relaxed carving" thing my fave fresh parking lot. totally empty. no traffic, 1st night time onewheel ride at 300 miles in. Big 30 meter heel side carved circles, full arced backside bliss under the lights--o-- P.S. The new toe hooks make deep carves way more stable
  14. hey Dan, Becki's b-day this week so I'd be happy to use one of those codes, switchcarve@yahoo dotcom or just pm thru the site. thanks for posting
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