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  1. definitely give us a review, love my coats but $200 is a lot for gloves
  2. The "angry skier" video that Steve's sister made had copyrighted music so youtoob wouldn't allow it to play.
  3. I'll take these, shipping to Idaho shouldn't be too much.
  4. welcome to the panhandle Art, we should get a beer at pucci's pub this weekend and check out the new construction. new glades off Kaniksu
  5. pow is the shizznit, but with all these demo boards I wouldn't mind 1 day of firm corduroy
  6. how many resorts and the total acreage would be interesting
  7. soup nazi voice; "No stepin For you"
  8. I'll take the Razor, PM sent
  9. how much for the donek razor w/out binders?
  10. trade in a couple of those snowboards and get an XR; quivers man, quivers
  11. saw that pack case on reddit but I really want to avoid the hassle of taking it apart, the XR no fly anyway. Shipping it there and back is still cheaper than renting one for 6days, and it has the mods, mines pretty custom. the new ski in ski out homes on the side of Schwietzer have awwwwsome fresh pavement
  12. how many snowboards in your quiver Charlie??
  13. I bought the pint thinking I'd fly with it to sandy eggo, but i'm too afraid some tsa will hassle the hippy cause they didn't get laid last night So I shipped the XR to Oceanside today so I can surf the sand next week, after advice that the pint will only get 3mi of range in the sand. "XR feel like a cushy tank" The XR is way more stable on big, wide high speed carves
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