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  1. I took Rollercarve (the board's name) up to the the ski hill (Schwietzer) yesterday and after a couple quick laps on the pavement in the village headed up the cat road that comes from the backside bowls. I was amazed how something soooo flat and booooring in the winter could be so challenging and gnarly in the summer. Went about 1/2 mile+ before the pitch got up to 15% with rutty rock and gravel when the board said phuqyou and pitched me off. I was expecting it and fully padded so no big. Coming back down was gnarlier white knuckle gripped than going up fo sho but I was laughing all the way, After that cruizing the paved roads around the condos and chalets was freekin awesome. Went up the lift and rode around the ridge top and had a beer at the Skyhouse, battery was down to 24% and if I'd thought to bring the hypercharger I might have taken the ""easy"" way down the cat rd. glad I didn't because after charging it back up at home I had a flat tire from the sharp crushed granite on the roads and trails, walking down the mt. would've been a bitch carrying the beast. As it was I got off the lift ride down and took off for the truck which was mostly downhill so I figured regen would get me there; the last 50yards was steep uphill and it started pulsing and gave mild pushback just as I got to the truck 16% battery left, don;t think I'd have gotten much further.
  2. we had groomed powder... and lots of buried noses
  3. 2 days of firm chalky cord followed by 2days of foot+ powder. Maybe it can get better?
  4. way prefer fresh asphalt to concrete with seams
  5. switch is starting to get more comfortable, a few more days... if only I didn't have to work
  6. all in the head, it was half way around before the skis changed angle look at the cats eyes
  7. I was charging up a steep hill 100+ yards packed gravel road, I'd already hit it a couple times; barely noticed the 1st soft pushback, thought it was just a bump in the road and kept charging uphill. the next pushback was big and by the time I realized and started leaning back to slow down it shut down and pitched me off. Had I been more mindful of the soft push and slowed down sooner it could have been avoided. I had another nosedive in my fave parking lot, a car zipped into a space I was heading for, I hit the skids, they stopped so I went forward to continue out of the way, accelerated too hard hit the nose down but rolled on the fangs and rode it out. I think fangs are a must have and should be standard equipment. THE PINTS ARE SHIPPING, how far out is your new obsession? I do love me some empty fresh paved parking lot for switch practice, undulating smooth trails are pretty nice too
  8. 103miles in, 1 nose dive toss to the ground pushing too hard up a steep gravel road, pads are a must.got toe and heel lifts for better carving
  9. 73 miles in; the switch skills are slow to transfer
  10. when the snowranger full body suit comes out will we really feel safer?
  11. we need to get more rocket scientists into snowboarding
  12. another 30 min. on fresh asphalt, near empty parking lot 17.8 mph top speed 18 miles on the odometer, getting the custom app settings more dialed for pavement. elevated profile setting (3* rearward tilt) sucks for switch, fish bones concave pads for front foot should help with heel lift, ps full circle heel carves are awesome.
  13. OMFG. Fresh onewheel tracks in fresh paved parking lot is like cruising your fave blue run in premium morning cord I haven't felt like this since I found downhill rollerblading in '86
  14. the Pint has smaller 160 watthour batteries, designed to be allowed as carryon. I saw a video of a guy that took his XR to Austalia, he had to remove the batteries from the device to be allowed on the plane.
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