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Lower Mainland Carvers' Diaries, 2023/24


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New season, same old mountains.

I will be working and living full-time at Manning, leaving very soon. I will likely be staying year-round, so its going to be my new home. I really liked living out in the mountains there.

There's some optimism about a snowboarding club program working out this year, and I also have some extra work on the side to fill out my hours. Still working out details since I've been given a bit of a unique arrangement there. The club met last weekend, but I couldn't catch up with them since my truck needed a leaky fuel line repaired on my truck.

I was invited back to work at Cypress but I will not be returning. I had a blast last season with @BlueB and Ethan, although it was borderline insane working at both resorts last season in hindsight. I might visit, though.

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Christ, 84 snow guns in total now... if the forecasts are worth taking seriously, it looks like vancouverites will need it for this el nino winter.

Looks like I'm just a plain old full time instructor this winter, position is set into stone now. Lots of returning staff, which is a good sign.

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22 hours ago, Sirui said:

It's been really cold, going to Lake Louise Nov 11 to kick off my season. Local mountains are not likely to open until late Nov or early Dec? 

Yes, as usual:

  • Cypress: mid to late November, pending appropriate weather conditions and coverage, as they usually get good enough early season numbers to justify opening as soon as possible.
  • Grouse: tends to follow shortly after Cypress opening dates.
  • Seymour: usually opens in December.
  • Whistler: November 23rd.
  • Sasquatch: mid-December, up to just before the holidays. This mountain deals with volatile snow conditions, some seasons it has suffered.
  • Manning: early December. Usually limited by the number of guests, not snowfall.
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4 hours ago, Cousin of Beagle said:

Obviously this thread is under "Ride Board" ---> "Canada - British Columbia," called "Lower Mainland Carvers' Diaries, 2023/24."

But there is no existing thread called "Lower Mainland."

Obviously, here. 

He opened a Cypress thread, I have advised him to post here instead, mods have merged his and my post into this thread and deleted his. 

How is your girlfriend, have you mouted her yet? 

3 hours ago, Jarcode said:

Manning opening day set for the 9th. Heard cypress pushed to the 10th... but given the weather I assume it is unlikely they can (safely) open by then.

Kind of nuts that we might be opening first. Harsh start to the season for the north shore mountains.

I'm pretty sure they can make enough snow for opening, the nights are really cold. It's the staff on snow orientation that's been pushed to that weekend. 

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