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Now O-Drive Bindings (L) - SOLD


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Now O-Drive large (10-13) bindings from the 2019-20 season (the Covid era!), used two days. Feel free to read all of Now's marketing fluff here. They're the exact same bindings as this year's non-Covid release, except they don't have the regrettable lime trim. They are light, stiff and responsive, with a moderate amount of cushioning underfoot. Straps are comfy and plush with good lockdown. And carbon. So much carbon. Are you snowboarding or flying the f****** Space Shuttle?!?

If you know anything about the O-Drives, retail price is obscene, they sell out every year and almost never go on sale. With only two days of use, these are near new with no noticeable signs of wear.

Bindings come with all the accoutrements (e.g., box, two sets of bushings, etc.). And all that carbon.

$400 Paypal Friends and Family/send money, plus shipping (in that bona fide Now box!). I'll find the cheapest shipping option.





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12 hours ago, SunSurfer said:

all the best bindings are purple

That is absolute truth!

Now where can I find purple bindings?!?!


Too bad these are just slightly too big (ok much much too big) because they are awesome! I would not hesitate to buy from the lord even though he waves it in the air like he don't care.

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  • lordmetroland changed the title to Now O-Drive Bindings (L) - $400 + Shipping
44 minutes ago, Neil Gendzwill said:

Now’s size chart only shows small, medium or large sizes. What size boot does XL fit?

Like the friggin’ moron I am, I assumed - like everything else related to my feet - they were XL. They are in fact merely large, fitting size 10-13 boots. Clearly I need a fact checker...


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On 4/3/2021 at 9:16 PM, lordmetroland said:

Are you snowboarding or flying the f****** Space Shuttle?!?

both with this binding. ankle strap changed from the "flip-it" to what it is now (hyperfuse II). better hold. if i didn't have two pairs of these already i'd take em. good luck but these should go quick.

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  • lordmetroland changed the title to Now O-Drive Bindings (L) - SOLD

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