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Coiler Contra AT 185 ***SOLD***


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185 Coiler Contra All Terrain   $550 shipped CONUS

scr 11, 29.5 nose, 23 waist, 28.3 tail, EE 165

Built Jan 2020 for a 170lb rider or a 190lb lazy rider. I am neither, but might resemble the latter. It's essentially an updated monster design with a Contra sidecut/flex and modern powder nose. I asked for a board that would be a good carver AND have float for soft snow/powder and spring slush. As expected, it does all that, but being a metal Coiler, it holds a quiet edge on ice too.


I've ridden it about 10-15 times, rarely all day. It's a really fun ride and fairly nimble for its size with an 11 m scr.

It is in pristine, lightly used condition. No damage or scratches. Edge bevels are set at .5° base / 2° side.

Does not include bindings (or stomp pad).

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14 minutes ago, Eboot said:

Curious to know why you are selling it?

I had an epiphany this season that bigger IS better, and this apparently isn't long enough to compensate for my shortcomings.

But seriously, it's a great board, a really fun ride, and it's gonna take 2 boards to replace it. One is the swallowtail PC that I acquired earlier this year and the other is yet to be revealed, but it will be bigger. 

The more I ride different boards, the more I learn about what qualities I like. 

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