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Proteus vs Metal FC


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I had the opportunity to ride a Proteus 170 and a Metal FC 163 today, trying to find a board of my own (@pmoore has kindly lent me a Burton wire in the meantime).  I was wondering if anyone who has rode these has some additional insight.  Disclaimer:  I’m just about two month on hardboots after years soft, so my technique is.... lacking....

On the FC: very quick to turn with weight forward, somewhat mellower when centered and back.  Larger ripples or bumps in the run could induce quite a sudden swerve if hit while on edge (front flips included).  Breaks loose from a carve easily, and goes back in just as easily.  

Proteus:  locked in when I had technique dialed, lots of pop at edge changes when loaded (very close calls with trees on narrower trail😬).  Very difficult to break loose to slow down or dodge traffic.

I’m definitely leaning towards the Proteus, but I’m a little concerned with how locked in it is for the busier times.  I also might try a Rev 175 with the same 11m scr as the Proteus, so any feedback there would be appreciated.

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I've ridden a longer FC (173?) and own the 170 Proteus. I find the Proteus less friendly but more rewarding. I've heard that some people detune the edges on the Proteus to help it release. Kinda counterproductive IMHO but up to you.


I think if you like the Proteus better than get the Proteus. 

The Rev is a completely different board that will release very very quickly and really try to get you going straight and fast. I personally never liked the Rev but there are people here that love it. 

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If you want to be able to vary turn shapes the freecarve has a variable side cut that allows for variation. The SCR only allows variation thru bending the board. I love my FC at 180/ 21.5 wide with 11-14m side cut. Mine is also built with the Secret construction not metal. 

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Hey Chaoticbiker,

I was actually at Okemo the past two days, one on a Proteus 170/19, today on an MK.  Never rode an FC, but had a Nirvana prior to the Proteus.  I really like the constant radius and old school feel of the Proteus.  Definitely less tiring and predictable than other boards I have tried.  

The MK is small, has a mind of it's own and great for narrow, crowded runs.  Exhausting though.  I remember the Nirvana being tiring also and I blamed the SCR.  I'm still fairly novice in my abilities so I'm just guessing.

Had a Rev for a while.  Never liked it.  Felt like it owned me. 

If you want to go with the Proteus, I think the shop at Okemo has a 175/20 that they are trying to move.  I'm back at Okemo tomorrow morning riding with someone if you want to join us.  


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FC is easier than Proteus.  Also has far less camber.  My FC with Secret construction is really nice and damp. I've owned a Proteus.

Okemo has large variety of trail widths. If that was my home hill I'd choose the FC with the variable sidecut over the Proteus.

The REVs really like to find the fall line, can be thrilling if you're into speed. Don't really like to complete turns. Great boards.

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I was thinking the FC would be more versatile, it will take time to figure out the quick side cut (7.5-9.5 on the 163).  And the Proteus rode like I imagined hard booting to be before I tried it (amazing).  It may just be a coin toss, or whatever’s left after I hem and haw about trivial details.  Sounds like the Rev is something to stay away from till I’m consistently dialed in.  Thanks for the input!

9 minutes ago, BlueB said:

Rev 175 will not be 11m, probably more like 16m... 

I’m guessing it was a custom, the spec for on it was 11-0, 20cm waist. 

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Stock Rev:  Nose 11, Tail 17 It's blend (as of now).  It used to have something close to 20m in the tail.
I have a custom Rev 175 with 11(nose)/14(tail)  side cut and it's a blast to ride (my go to board).
Borrow the idea from BigWaveDave:  race construction(great edge hold) with recreation side cut (11/14)
Best of both world.

IMHO: Getting the flex of board for your weight is more important than actual side cut.
Even with a race side cut; you can bend it and make tight turn but it's more work(some call it rewarding/fun).

Hence many here have a quiver of boards:  each board have different personality.

You are progressing really nicely and able to tell what you like/didn't like in short amount of time.
When I first started it just feel like every board is trying to kill me.....  some still do.

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My 2014 163 REV (20 cm waist) was my first metal board......Waow !.......Previously had a 2006 glass 171 FC (18cm waist).....

Well........no comparaison of course !..........I ended selling the latter !.....

Stock REVs are race orientated, large variable SCR....

Proteus are more poppy freecarve orientated with a stock fixed SCR....

When I bought my REV i was hesitating with a proteus....but my REV has was a fixed 11,5 SCR prototype and I wanted a race construction feeling........

I do get now both of both worlds under my feet.......Like a race construction feeling mixed with a turny and predictable Cadillac ride....

But take care, even with a short turny radius, the REV stays a race kind of board that want some input to give you some reward but waow.....with the right amount of it......very fun board, great edge hold, that can also be a freecarving board if you're not too lazy....

If Looking towards a Donek ride, talk to Sean, he's the man, and knows his boards better than anyone of us here, depending on his customer's  desires....You cannot go wrong with him......Have fun carving the hell of it !....


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3 hours ago, RoroSnow said:

But take care, even with a short turny radius, the REV....very fun board, great edge hold, that can also be a freecarving board if you're not too lazy....

Agreed. I take my REV (175/21/11.5 SSCR) everywhere; Groomers, deep powder, trees/glades, back bowls. Doesn't matter, as that board does it all!

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Just off the "mountain", with A/B comparison of Proteus and Voyager. Of course it's not the same, but I'm guessing the Voyager has a pretty similar feel to a FC. Best I can tell it's almost identical in shape. So...


Both 175, 21, where the Voyager has a 11.5 SSCR, this Proteus has a 12.0 SSCR. The Voyager having more flex, softer, than the Proteus. So both extremely similar, as far as specs/dimensions. Shoots, even the top sheet is identical! it was really fun to be able to ride two boards that are so, so similar.

Honestly, it took very little, if any, time to get used to the Proteus. Never once did I have to remind myself that this was a much different board. The transition between the two just felt very natural. I'd been riding this Voyager exclusively, this season. I was really expecting the Proteus to just buck like a horse, but instead it simply provided a next-level experience. Turns didn't feel forced, and the board never ran away. Surprisingly easy to flick/mid-turn, when compared to the Voyager, which does that on a dime. Fantastic pop out of the pocket, and super easy to correct. Once the snow got kicked-off, there was so much more confidence in the Proteus.

Unfortunately I didn't have my (again, identical) REV on me, but if memory serves me, the Proteus is a very similar ride. Far from an expert mind you, but I'd have a tough time pointing out any differences. Maybe the Proteus wants to turn more, where the REV, with the same SSCR, wants to draw a longer line?

Not sure if any of the above helps.

Love the Proteus! Love the Voyager! 

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When you start getting into custom specs, the model designations for a given mfg are going to start making more subtle differences. Especially if you are having boards with very similar physical specs and shooting for similar ride feel- Sean is going to aim to please with each.

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I ended up taking the Proteus 170 home today.  Rode a Rev 175 and the Metal FC 163 just to make sure.  The Rev was an amazing board, but it was definitely above my skill level.  I’ll add one to the quiver if I ever feel the race bug.  The short FC was just too twitchy.  I keep wanting to like it, but it never felt right.

Okemo update, they still have (at half price):

2x Metal FC 163 x 19 w/ UPM inserts

Proteus 175 x 19

Rev 175 x 20 w/ UPM inserts

Pilot 153 x 18



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