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  1. Vail Resorts decided to close for a week to evaluate the situation. Ludlow (Okemo) currently has 2 cases of COVID-19, half of Vermont cases, one being a New York resident. Side note: great time to get out the split board.
  2. Good to know, I looked at them when they first came out and the face shield was a flimsy wind protector.
  3. Has anyone tried the Giro Disciple S helmet (not the bike version). I’ve been looking for a full face helmet designed for snow that actually provides face protect, unlike Ruroc. Anecdotally, an acquaintance used to use a motorcycle helmet, until a minor fall ended in a good case of whiplash from the excessively heavy helmet.
  4. Finally got this Proteus 170 all set up thanks to @Wolf for the TD3 bindings and @patmoore for loaner bindings, first tune, lessons, and getting me hooked. I’ll be testing it all out together Friday at Okemo.
  5. Guess I should double check with Stratton to see if my registration is good, otherwise it’ll be an Epic day.
  6. March 13 is A Day for Jake, in honor of Jake Burton. Stratton will be giving out free lift tickets for snowboarders to get out and ride. https://www.adayforjake.com/en/ I’ll be heading down with my soft boot gear, any recommendations for a first time at Stratton?
  7. It’s been a rough season in Vermont for good snow. Okemo has a two step grooming where they start with a mountain tiller (it’s like a disc harrow with spiral galaxy finger blades, not sure it’s actual name) which processes the snow fairly deep. Then they come back around with the normal power tiller to lay down corduroy. It doesn’t make up for a poor operator, but conditions are usually better than the other nearby (similar weather) resorts. If you can tail the groomers in on an early run, it’s hero snow the whole way.
  8. chaoticbiker


    I’m looking for a set of TD3s to set up a new Proteus with my tax return. Can be either step in or standard. Hoping to buy by the end of the month.
  9. I ended up taking the Proteus 170 home today. Rode a Rev 175 and the Metal FC 163 just to make sure. The Rev was an amazing board, but it was definitely above my skill level. I’ll add one to the quiver if I ever feel the race bug. The short FC was just too twitchy. I keep wanting to like it, but it never felt right. Okemo update, they still have (at half price): 2x Metal FC 163 x 19 w/ UPM inserts Proteus 175 x 19 Rev 175 x 20 w/ UPM inserts Pilot 153 x 18
  10. I might be interested. Do you happen to have any spare parts as well? Can you put up pictures, please?
  11. I’m quite fond of Okemo, but I’m biased since I live at the bottom of the hill and work there. It’s great for carving if you come midweek (Friday doesn’t count anymore); you will usually get a run to yourself and not wait in a lift line. It lacks in long, sustained steeps; but has a huge variety of easy and intermediate terrain. Jackson Gore Inn’s lobby has a good fireplace lounge and bar. Town is lacking nightlife, but there are a handful of Really good restaurants.
  12. Wiping out on my soft boot setup from overhang is what catalyzed my dive into alpine gear. Even so, the last time out on alpine gear, I had my rear binding pivot to the point the binding was overhanging. Barely noticeable on the soft almost slush, until riding over glare ice onto my face...
  13. I was thinking the FC would be more versatile, it will take time to figure out the quick side cut (7.5-9.5 on the 163). And the Proteus rode like I imagined hard booting to be before I tried it (amazing). It may just be a coin toss, or whatever’s left after I hem and haw about trivial details. Sounds like the Rev is something to stay away from till I’m consistently dialed in. Thanks for the input! I’m guessing it was a custom, the spec for on it was 11-0, 20cm waist.
  14. I had the opportunity to ride a Proteus 170 and a Metal FC 163 today, trying to find a board of my own (@pmoore has kindly lent me a Burton wire in the meantime). I was wondering if anyone who has rode these has some additional insight. Disclaimer: I’m just about two month on hardboots after years soft, so my technique is.... lacking.... On the FC: very quick to turn with weight forward, somewhat mellower when centered and back. Larger ripples or bumps in the run could induce quite a sudden swerve if hit while on edge (front flips included). Breaks loose from a carve easily, and goes back in just as easily. Proteus: locked in when I had technique dialed, lots of pop at edge changes when loaded (very close calls with trees on narrower trail). Very difficult to break loose to slow down or dodge traffic. I’m definitely leaning towards the Proteus, but I’m a little concerned with how locked in it is for the busier times. I also might try a Rev 175 with the same 11m scr as the Proteus, so any feedback there would be appreciated.
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