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UPZ Flo liners - shipping plus a donation


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I have a pair of flo liners that are collecting dust. I believe they are size 8 because that is the only marking I can find on them. See pics.    If anyone needs them for a newbie, 2nd set or whatever....I will pass them on for the cost of shipping PLUS a donation to ASB of say.....$50? 




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7 hours ago, cbaines1 said:

Interested in these but what is charity is ABS? (I live in Canada).

Chris Baines


ASB is this site - AlpineSnowboarder.com.  All proceeds beyond the cost of running the site are donated to USASA and USSRT.  Donations to ASB can be made here.  Thanks @soybomb!

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hey chris- 

As ASB is my sole resource for buying, selling and generally getting fired up to ride alpine boards, I like to support it when i can.  If you are interested, you can PM your zip code and i;ll look into shipping cost.  Let me know.  thanks



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