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  1. I have the epic pass and was just up at Mt Snow on Saturday skiing w the kids. I haven’t been there in like 10 years and was pleasantly surprised about the width and pitch of some of the trails. It looks prime for carving.I will have to come back when I can make some turns. The snow was very nice too. As for the operations, it’s a bit of a shit show. Parking is a free-for-all and folks were really pushing the boundaries of blocking each other in or pulling in 6-8 ft from their neighbor. Lifties were not on the ball about blending families or face masks. I’ve had them at other resorts bark at me and I’m fine w that. I can only assume they are limiting skiers like at other Vail resorts but it didn’t look that way. All in all, it’s a midweek destination. okemo can be similarly crowded but has some nice wide trails. Weekday location as well. stowe is pretty tight w the exception of just a few wide groomers. If you catch gondolier on the right day, you can lap that until your legs are jello.
  2. Def have the blues now that the rug was pulled out....i was geared up and ready to hit the lift early sunday before the kids got their act together and get what was prob going to be my last turns of the year. I had visions of near perfect balance, two hands on the snow and standing ovations from the lift. then the notice dropped that vail resorts were closed. i had to console myself w lots of red wine and the promise of next year (and the squats that i probably wont do in preparation). Cheers all and remember to wash those hands.
  3. post college i started renting ski cabins around Stratton with a bunch of boston/NY friends. A couple of them were always snowboarders and were riding plates around this time. It always looked really cool (because they could rip) and i eventually wanted to try it. I borrowed someones soft board and after cracking my wrists and ass all day i said (out loud) "f**k this". I grabbed a pair of raichles and a blue factory prime w catek WCs (that i still have) and can recall the first time i threw caution to the wind and leaned into the heel side turn......i was shocked when the board popped me back up. I rode hard for those 4-5 years but then life got in the way. I had about a 15 year hiatus where i just skied w the wife and kids but a few years ago i got back into it.....invested in a coiler, TD3s, etc and i still dont ride as much as i would like but will keep going as long as my knees and back allow. i just need to remember that its not 1999.
  4. They are 11” inches on the outside of the liner. 10.5” is the length of the footbed. It’s 3.5” at the widest. See attached. Lmk if this helps. Thx
  5. sure. i'll take a look tonight and let you know.
  6. Agreed. Stratton has always been a place where i felt more like a customer than anything else. its got no soul. For those interested, there is a a podcast series called "I Built This" centered on entrepreneurs and the stories behind how they built their business from scratch. Jake was one from a few years back and it was pretty interesting stuff. His best line was that he loaded up his station wagon with 38 boards on one of his first sales trips....but he came home with 40. A guy that bought two on an earlier trip handed them back and said something like "nobody is ever going buy these".
  7. Stowe on Sunday i was walking from the quad to the gondola line and i hear "Yeah, ALPINE!" shouted from my right. It was nice not to have to explain that it wasn't some mutant form of monoskiing.
  8. hey chris- As ASB is my sole resource for buying, selling and generally getting fired up to ride alpine boards, I like to support it when i can. If you are interested, you can PM your zip code and i;ll look into shipping cost. Let me know. thanks
  9. I should have checked here for some trail advice prior to being at Okemo this weekend. For what its worth, I ended up on Quantum Leap which has a nice pitch after that first steep section....which is a hell of a way to warm up. The side wasn't groomed out so it wasnt as wide as it should have been and i had to be on my toes. I had four nice runs w zero lift line on that jackson gore bubble lift before 930 before the hordes showed up. Later in the day when skiing w the kids i thought the exhibition/boomerang combo below the solitude lift looked pretty nice. I'll try world cup next time. Cheers
  10. I have a pair of flo liners that are collecting dust. I believe they are size 8 because that is the only marking I can find on them. See pics. If anyone needs them for a newbie, 2nd set or whatever....I will pass them on for the cost of shipping PLUS a donation to ASB of say.....$50?
  11. the liners are mp28 as well? Ill PM you. thx
  12. I did the same mario....1999 - end of the last run under the lift and i caught my toe edge.....catapulted my torso into the hard, vermont skied-off ice pack at approximately the speed of sound. to top it off i had a rachet tool in my check pocket. The people on the lift were terrified and all i could do was groan in response to their questions. I def broke some ribs and to this day i still get agonizing pain on that side when i'm reaching into the bowels of my boat. I also tore a meniscus skiing. But by far the scariest thing was when i was ripping a toe side turn at Stratton and the burton rat trap on my front foot released....i went ass first off the side of the trail (with my back foot still attached and the board starting to twist) and only by the grace of god did i not hit a tree. It would have been game over. It scared the piss out of me....for about an hour. the hubris of youth.
  13. Ive got a pair of UPZ flo liners if you find some shells. I need to check the size but i think they may work for a 27. They are too small for me and i wear a 10-10.5. They are in great shape and i will donate the $ to ASB. let me know if interested and ill snap a few pics.
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