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  1. Leaving for Europe January 6. I can ship from France for Euro buyers. Send offer and I will bring them. For North America send offers before the end of year so I can ship before i leave.
  2. Send me your best offer via PM.
  3. Any offers out there please PM. Cheers
  4. I will be in Vancouver Canada at the end of week. I can ship within Canada for Canadian buyers.
  5. I will be traveling to Vancouver next week to see my son. I can bring them and ship within Canada. Where are you located? Please PM me. I will also get a quote to ship from NYC as I see you are in Nova Scotia.
  6. For Sale my UPZ RC10 orange 11 EU (mondo 29,5 cm) with ACSS, Black Hard and Red Soft tongues, Xtra springs. Asking $325.00 USD Plus Shipping. Please send me your zip for a exact shipping quote.
  7. For sale Multi FK SKS Tuner Multi tool with 5 DMT diamond stones. Asking $60.00 plus shipping. Send zip code to calculate shipping.
  8. For the week of Feb 02 anyone interested venturing up north or west in PA to ride. I got the wheels and the rack. Let me know. Eric
  9. I have been boarding since 1981, old school and early hardbooter since 1991 .Just got back into it this year after a 5 year pause. I am ready for next season, got the wheels and the rack. When the snow comes give me a shout. Ciao,
  10. Je serai au Quebec, la semaine prochaine. Comment sont les conditions a Tremblant? Est ce que le Mont Blanc a des bonnes pistes, laissez moi savoir. Je serai sur les pistes Lundi. A+
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