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Roto brush- what do you like?


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The last time I used a roto brush was a looooong time ago. There seem to be more options now. I'm generally just an all-temp guy with some hard waxes on really cold days, so I don't need corks ets. Just probably brass/ nylon/ horse. 


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Yeah, tempted by the SVST, but the selection of brushes in the wide widths is limited. 

Looks like I can supplement the typical nylon and horsehair offerings with brass from other sources, so I'll probably go that route. I hand brushed 4 boards today, and while not a big deal I definitely could have saved myself some elbow grease.

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1 hour ago, Mr.E said:

... but the selection of brushes in the wide widths is limited. 

That's a reason why I finally decided not to go with rotobrushes 🤔. I use big oval hand brushes - makes it a bit easier:

Very Corse Stiff Steel - deoxidation, only if needed
Soft Steel - general cleaning, pre wax
Very Fine Soft Steel - for deep cleaning, pores opening, only if needed
Brass - post scraping
Fine Nylon - soft wax polishing
Horse Hair - hard wax polishing 😜


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I'm hand brushing now. No problem doing some of it by hand. Brass / nylon / horse on the road or brush would be nice.

I was mostly wondering what people were using for rotor brushes and the current state of the market. Racewax has a 300 mm brush that looks like the old red Creek's. I'll probably go that direction.



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