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  1. I didn't notice this on previous posts. Nice riding on an X Race I believe.
  2. The fabric is tougher than I expected but having had a reduced season I am still waiting to see how it wears. I am hoping to get 4-5 years (50-60 days/year) out of them value wise. Supposedly you can just throw it in the washing machine but I'm just hand washing. It is much like a thin (breathable) wetsuit. I expect it will last much longer than the knee wraps with the hinged metal side straps. I've worn out a few of those. I have had the Boa system for years in my telemark and wading boots so I had some comfort with that part of the design.
  3. I have broken one leg in 6 places over the years. That led to chronic osteoarthritis, some affected ligaments and recently issues with the knee cap. Nothing really bad so much as a slight limp and pain/weakness that has forced me to ride regular foot when I am strongly goofy foot. I partially split the base of the tibia so it is a bit off to seat in the ankle so I have to take up any shock at the knee or I will be limping for days. When I first got the pants I went to ski a steep, chunky, grabby pitch to test them out. Worse than I had planned frankly but it was fine. I had the cables cr
  4. I've used a custom knee brace for years but having fit problems lately. This winter I tried the Stoko and it completely replaced my brace, snowboarding and telemarking. It is quite an unusual design, more like an extension of your boot. A pair of BOA knobs tighten fibres down your leg and around your knee. https://stokodesign.com
  5. After explaining the board the Liftee says "What about those boots? I've never seen anything like them!" "These are snowboard boots, not ski boots. They are soft boots covered in plastic." I could feel the covetous look behind the mask.
  6. One boot to consider is the UPZ XC-12. The flex is reminiscent of a soft boot except you would be driving with your knees rather than heel/toe. It also comes with a good spring system and you can interchange flex tongues or add step in if you want.
  7. Last minute but this morning CBC has the team World Cup Parallel Slalom from Bannoye, Russia. 11 am western time. I don't know of other coverage.
  8. I just received some Airable (Kickstarter) masks. Very easy breathing with a nano fibre filter (N95 equivalent). Remains to be seen if they ice up but great in town.
  9. SUP rail saver tape or rail guard comes in long narrow strips.
  10. I am guessing stats would have to be pretty close to a wash before the border is open to non-essential travel. We also have a federal 2 week quarantine period for anyone that does cross.
  11. Mostly on skis: Marmot, Lake Louise, Sunshine, Norquay, Nakiska, Fortress, Castle, Columbia Icefields, Robertson glacier (Burton Performer Elite 1985!) Whistler, Blackcomb, Cypress, Grouse, Siverstar, Apex, Revelstoke, Kicking Horse Panorama, Fernie, Kimberley, Whitewater, Red, Chatter Creek Heavenly, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows Snowbird, Alta, Park City Turner, Whitefish Timberline Mt Hutt Otaru, Niseko, Grand Hirafu, Hanazono, Annupuri, Rusutsu
  12. How do you like the foot hook? I saw them in the Gorge and thought they might be good for pow surfing if you opened them up a bit for winter boots.
  13. Busted up my leg until I couldn't wear soft boots. I found an asym Hot Logical with Elfgen plates at Second Wind in Hood River. Using my rear entry ski boots I soon fell over and cranked a fully laid turn that still spooks me. It wasn't until I went to Nakiska decades later that I learned that was the objective.
  14. Cool concept. Looks like you had a great day. If anyone in your group is still around Castle has been getting a bunch of fresh this week, 30 cm the last two days. They are closed due to wind/cold today but there will be plenty of wind sift in the hollows. If it is too cold go to Fernie but if too wet or busy at Fernie check out Castle. They both get a lot of snow but there is often ~8 deg C difference.
  15. Ha, ha. Made me think of a guy who (joking) asked me what cool windsurfing gear to get to attract chicks. I said a 3.5m sail on a custom glass sinker. He'd never have to go out on it and no one would be left on the beach anyway (Gorge exception).
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