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  1. My experience: I've been snowboarding on soft boots since around 12 years old. I would only go two or three times per season while first learning. I lived on the South Coast of MA so didn't have a lot of close access. I started going more consistently in my early twenties, by that time I was already intermediate/advanced. I'm in my mid-thirties now. I was never a park rider, I really enjoyed groomers and glades. I have had the same v-rocker board since 2010. I'm not an expert rider by any means, but ride mostly blue and single diamonds. I hope that's helpful!
  2. Wow, first of all - I want to thank everyone for taking the time to provide really thoughtful and detailed feedback in comments and messages. I came here not really expecting too much, but I am overwhelmed by the generosity! (I live in Boston, that should be explanation enough haha) I have read all of the posts, and I am starting a list of things to be mindful of as I begin this new and exciting journey. I am really in no rush, and I want to do this right. I hope one day we will cross paths on the mountain and I can say thank you in person! I will keep updating on my progress and will be
  3. I just followed you on IG, I hope that's okay!
  4. I have considered it, I have been flirting with the idea of hard boots for over 7 years and I hate living a life with any regret.
  5. So it seems like I am going to have to order online. As I am starting out, will I want to get boots that are more stiff or have more flex? I'm not sure if those two are interchangeable, but I have been seeing both of those words. I have looked at both Deluxe and UPZ, not exactly sure which one to choose - other than going on price? Thanks everyone for your input so far!
  6. Hey everyone! I've been interested in alpine snowboarding for some years now, I have been on a regular board for over twenty years. My equipment is starting to go and I feel like now is a good time to start considering making the switch. I'm located in Boston and have no idea what to do in regards to equipment/brands/what to looks for/what to avoid. Any guidance is much appreciated! ****EDIT**** I'm 5'3" (160.02 cm) and 130 lbs (58.967kg) and shoe size 6 (37 EU). Best, Brianna
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