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Board tune near Boston

General Tsao

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Hey GT

Head North is all I can tell ya.   Your probably coming up to NH from Boston anyway.

Top 3 tuners around Cannon/Franconia Notch:

Ski Fanatics - Waterville valley exit                                                                                                              Rodgers - Loon exit                                                                                                                                              Sport Thoma - N. Lincoln/Loon  exit

If heading  towards Attatish, Wildcat or Cranmore ski areas then I'd go with Topboost suggestions!  


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I recently experimented at Wachusett with their new machine and got good results that I am happy with. They have a $50 tune that will include edges and any structure pattern you want done. The World Cup tune is $90 and is done by hand. Yes it is not a skiMD tune, but those tunes are around $150. 

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