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Help me fund a new board. FS: Kessler 168, Apex Race V2 UPM, F2 Race Ti L


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Well... It's a sad day. I'm going to part with my beloved Kessler The Alpine 168 and Apex Race V2 UPM plate. This is a sale I'm already regretting. Next year I'll be doing SL race training and will buy an Oxess RS164 and a plate of some description and I know if I keep the Kessler, I won't have time to ride it and I won't have money to buy the Oxess. So, I'm going to pass this on to someone else to enjoy the ride of the board and plate combo sent from God to make mortals look like legends.

A legitimate regretful sale 😞 sorry @barryj, looks like I'm exiting the club (for now...).

The board is the magic bullet. The easiest board to give you the flow feeling of carving. This was more apparent after switching back and forth from my Oxess SXR182 this year. The Kessler is almost telepathic whereas the Oxess requires you to tell it exactly what to do. There are a lot on the forum who can testify to the greatness of this board. @Jack M is one. Might not have heard of him.

The Apex plate has the best mounting system of them all. The hardware with 4 separate axles and not a big piece of metal across the board, combined with the flex of the plate allows pedalling of the board. Research with JJA came up with the optimal axle placement options. You don't get these features on the imitation plates like Bomber and Donek. This one was developed to be ridden on Kesslers. And, it is the dream combo with the Kessler. @skategoat knows more than me but I think I've covered it. 

Bindings are size L in black colour, bail type, not Intec. Come with 1 lift and 2 cant. Great condition. Not much more to say about these I guess. 




I'm around Tokyo for a week. Stuff ready for sale 6 March. More details and proper detailed photos to follow. 




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Muchas gracias to daveo for a quick and easy transaction! Everything was meticulously packed and the board showed up super fast.

...Fast enough in fact to test the Kessler on some northeast spring boilerplate. This board is ridiculously damp and easy to ride! Makes riding on ice feel like soft groom (almost)!

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