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  1. I had both the SG163 FRT (not XT) and K168 last year. Both very friendly and smooth-handling boards when used for freeriding, but keep in mind I'm on the high end of the weight range (195 lbs). The SG felt slightly stiffer and likes to stay pointed down the fall line, so it ended up feeling easier for me to control my carves and adjust speed on the K168. Both had great grip and dampness on icy conditions. Both responded well to riding with Geckos, but the big step up for the K168 came from installing the apex plate. As Daveo mentioned above... no issues at all "pedaling" to control the board at sub-carving speeds or to adjust the line, and holy crap it is unbelievably stable/easy to manage in sketchy east coast conditions. Ended up keeping the K168, but honestly a big part what sealed the deal was that the K was drilled for UPM and I have an Apex plate, while I didn't have anything that used allflex inserts for the SG.
  2. Very encouraging! It’ll be a few more weeks until I get a chance to test my setup but this is looking good! I don’t mind sticking with upz and the convenience of intec for carving-focused days, since I’ve worked to get those all dialed in. But what I’ve wanted was to have one set of hike-friendly boots that I could pack for longer trips with both a soft and carving board. Did the boot feel stiff enough side-to-side? We can always find springs to adjust the front-back flex, but the lateral is more a function of the shell itself.
  3. What size? I've got a set of red tongues in medium.
  4. Got to test the backlands this past weekend on my Dupraz D++ in some fresh powder and tight trees. These things continue to impress - they worked great driving through/over the bumps between the trees, so check the box on handling in moguls. Only my second time using bail bindings on a regular board, but very much appreciating the convenience of knowing that the boot tightness is consistent between runs without fiddling with ratchet straps. Plus getting in/out was easy compared to my usual Upz since the heel on the backland did not ice up - maybe just got lucky this time. Again, no issues with cold feet despite the boots being pretty consistently covered in snow. One little note, I ended up applying some loctite to the black piece at the end of the lever, wasn’t quite ready to trust the jam nut to keep it in place. Anyone tried the lever setup on an alpine board with groomers yet?
  5. I have the carbon ones. Went down the home-brew route (baked the boots with liners) and gained a few mm of very needed clearance for my foot "features". Super easy to do - just toss them in the oven for ~10 mins, slip in footbeds, buckle them down "loose", and wrap them in ice packs to cool down. I did the boot fit using the original liners, then did a fit of the intuitions using a microwaved rice bag.
  6. Just came back from the first test day with the backlands + link levers combo on a regular board. These things are amazing! Feels just like riding with a stiff soft boot (usually use malamutes) without any squishing of toes or ankles from straps. Didn’t try any moguls today, but the boots had enough flex to soak up smaller bumps, and there was enough stiffness to drive reasonable carves on groomers. Next trip I’ll have to see how they do on an alpine board. The backlands fit perfectly into a standard set of f2’s with no slop at all. I swapped the liner out for a pair of older intuitions and had no problems with comfort or cold feet.
  7. I’ll have a set of reds in medium available if this works out. Had a few close calls with the boot flexing more than what my ankles can handle, so hopefully the stiffer set firms them up.
  8. Did that with my original ones, unfortunately my cut wasn’t as clean as it needed to be and so the tongue started splitting. Oops.
  9. Anyone have a spare set of the swing-open style tongues?
  10. Apologies, did not do a good job updating the post. Only F2 bindings still available
  11. I think green sidewalk was “normal” and red was “stiff”? The red sidewall Madd 158 was definitely stiffer.
  12. Used for one season before me, not sure of the mileage there but the base and edges are in really good shape. Picked it up to compare against the Kessler I got from @daveo. Both are awesome in their respective ways but that one pairs with the Apex plate and this as allflex inserts, so keeping the Kessler. If I had the rack space I would keep both.
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