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    Donek Proteus 170cm, 20cm, 11m SCR
    Coiler Sunny v2, 172 cm, 21cm, ~14/15m VSC
    Swoard 175H gen3
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    UPZ RC-10
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    F2 race ti
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  1. Hi, selling the totally new (never even tried on) Mountain-Slope .951 World Cup 120 in Mondo 28.5 (2020-2021 season). I had them shipped directly from Mountain Slope at the beginning of the season. Decided that I’d stick to my fitted UPZ... The box is in exactly the state it came in: original box, stickers, instruction sheet, extra pair of zeppa. Not a scratch and of course liners not thermoformed since I’ve never even put them on. Asking $845 OBO (I paid €876.48 !!). Shipping in the US included. I’m in CA. Will hand-deliver in Truckee, CA Happy to answer any questions, CP
  2. Most excitement of this summer!
  3. Just that... snow blues... do you also suffer from it? lately I’ve been incessantly rummaging around here. Maybe it’s too much sun. Or because they’ve robbed us of the end of the season... can’t wait for the pow even just bought new boots!?!?!!!!
  4. @Jack M, some make it sound like the Apex X is old, out of production and way obsolete . I know that you tried and didn’t like the Allflex in this board. Before I commit to this “older” plate, how should I think about the Apex X? Is it still in use? What’s different about it?
  5. The .951 seem to have become quite popular. Do you know why? I’m what are they “better” than others, eg to UPZs?
  6. Losing screws left and right... (and retightening every evening)
  7. Ok, this is one of these “what should I buy” posts... my beloved and perfectly fitted () UPZ RC10 have seriously self-destructed (see latest fix below)... so now what should I get?? I’m seeing a lot of photos of racers with the (pretty new) Mountain Slope .951 Then there’s of course the simple replacement by the current model - UPZ RC12 and the new co-development with the EC/Swoard folks: the EC12 (there’s also UPZ’s own, slightly different version of this, the UPZ XC12...) I need help! What are your experiences or thoughts on these?
  8. This board is the tits!! It is absolutely mind-bogglingly AWESOME! Had a chance to ride the Alpine 168 I got from Ivan for a few days in great conditions at Northstar, Lake Tahoe, CA. As @Jack M, @skidad62, @daveo,@barryj and others all wrote, it’s a 10/10!!!! Telepathic initiation, great at holding the carve (did not default to exit the turn too quickly as a race board would), unbelievable edge hold, quick, sure, precise, gradual, nimble, incisive... never felt so secure. See, as a very mediocre snowboarder, I need all the help I can get. This felt like driving a McLaren on a smooth mountain road. OMG. Kids kept asking me why I was smiling at the end of every run. No plate for now... but considering how great and sure-footed this felt, I now want to try one... (not clear at all which one)
  9. Just saw this ad on Insta - Swoard modified and commercialized UPZs. Does anyone know anything about this. Thoughts about these vs. Mountain Slopes? I'm still in my regular UPZs, and my gear is way better than I am...
  10. Quick update on this old post: just ordered from Ivan, who was 30% cheaper all in, and was very responsive and knowledgeable. Interestingly, he mentioned that Allflex will introduce a new free carving plate in December (and that VIST is developing some new ones too). Apparently Kessler will release a new plate in September/October (for 4x2 inserts)...
  11. Impeccable logic - I like it! Thanks for all the advice!
  12. Jack, if going with the Apex X plate, is there any reason to pick the Kessler with UPM over 4x4 inserts or vice-versa? (E.g., would UPM inserts provide better contact/less play/better longevity?) thanks much! CP
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