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Running length?


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Maybe a foolish question with an obvious answer BUT if you place two boards on a flat surface and compare where the nose and tail of the bases of each touches that flat surface are you comparing running lengths?

The reason for this question is I have a 172 with a hybrid nose, which turns up pretty abruptly, and a 176 with a round nose, which of course turns up more gradually, and they both appear to have the same running length when resting side by side on a flat surface. 

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Contact lenght (aka running lenght) is the measurement you're talking about... note that's a measurment taken with the board weighted often using a piece of paper to slide under the nose and tail to find out the point of contact.  Due to reverse camber shapes (aka rocker and hybrids) this number isn't measured by most large manufacturers anymore.

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I agree with that author that "effective edge" is widest point to widest point, because that is the length of the board that will be gripping the snow when it is tilted up on edge.  The board can actually dig into the snow beyond the widest point of the nose, which is why you need to detune up there.


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