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UPZ, DIN toe and heel plates for skiing


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Me too

Also on RCR

Some may say rc8 or 10 would be too soft, but there are also soft ski boots as well

Still works in Alpine bindings, but need to adjust as the toe piece is lower. It's also a tad bit softer on the bottom than stock bottom pieces

When skiing you wanna make sure both boots have the same forward lean and preferably same cant(or neutral)

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I wouldn't use them to swap on a regular basis, as each piece is held by four screws, sixteen in total.

As to the question whether the boots are too soft for skiing: I have really noodly cheap ski boots (bought them only so I could ski again when the kid was small), and I also used to have orange Deeluxe Indys, which were very stiff for SB boots. They still felt quite soft when I tried them on skiboards, even compared to my ski boots. So I wouldn't get too ambitious when skiing in the UPZs.

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Well, I've been skiing with the UPZ boots for more than a decade. Yes, I've worked with terrain park with those boots all the time with exclusively DIN toe/heels. They work fine for me. Let's see... 4 years of daily skiing per job mandates and then 10 years with roughly a month or two accumulation per year of skiing. 

Yes, I do not swap the heels often for it's literally a PITA to do so. Plus I've retired from racing and I was getting paid to work on the ski hill. So... I hung up my alpine board since then. 

Spoke with Roth recently, I look forward to return to hardbooting. And yes I'll be buying another UPZ boots and keep it dedicated to alpine boarding. Trouble is I'm debating whether to retain to bail type of my TD2 or Fintec approach. We'll see when the time comes. 

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