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Hello. Just rode an alpine board for the first time, and loved it! I’m visiting whistler and Hooked up with Boris at Cypress Mt. for a lesson. He was fantastic and a great teacher. So how do I get outfitted with gear? I can see myself doing this a lot, maybe even more than I ride my all mountain board.

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Awesome! Welcome to hardbooting! I recently spotted 8 carvers in one day at Mt. Hood Meadows, so there is a little bit of a local crew in Portland for you to ride with. Hope to see you up there this spring; post in the Rides section when you're heading up. 

As far as getting set up, you can buy boots mail order from yyzcanuck.com, upzboots.com, or blue-tomato.at. Hopefully you already know the brand and size that work for you from your lesson with Boris. 

For a starter board and bindings, I would probably just look in the classifieds on this site. I would suggest a freecarver as opposed to a race board; if you post your height / weight, I'm sure you will get some recommendations. No need to spend a lot of money at this point, save the brand new customs for when you have a better idea of what you like / dislike in an alpine board. 


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36 minutes ago, Keenan said:

Get the boots, board and bindings will follow.

Come to Mt. Bachelor in 3 weeks, there will be extra boards and bindings and people to ride with.

Excellent idea. @Dw3 What Mondo size are you, I have an extra pair or two I can bring.

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