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Where would you go carving in mid-march?


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I'm in the process of booking another CO trip for mid march. Right now i'm thinking of just doing aspen again since conditions appear to have improved. I'm not from the area. I was considering beavercreek, but lodging makes it prohibitively expensive. Thoughts?

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Find some lodging in west Denver (or possibly Georgetown) and head up to Loveland! Only about 45 minutes from west Denver. The base of Loveland is about 10,000 feet and the snow stays pretty good later in the season. 

 If you carve mid-week, there are very few people. If you head up on Sunday, there is a pretty good group of carvers there. 

Loveland is the opposite of Aspen - just an old ski area. Fixed-grip lifts, no lodging and pretty simple. You can probably find discount tickets on Denver Craigslist (look for "4-Paks").  

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I'd guess that most rental cars have better tires than the average driver in Denver. I've got a front wheel drive car with snow tires. The only time I have problems is getting stuck in traffic. 

However, there have been times when we get a big dump in March and getting up I-70 with all-season tires could be a problem. 

Another alternative would be to look for lodging in Dillon, Frisco or Silverthorne. These are all less than 20 minutes from 5 ski areas. 

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