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  1. when i listen to music, it's all i want to hear. Low volumes are a no go for me. Perhaps when i make it back out to aspen on a weekday and i have a very sparsely populated run, i'll experiment with some music again. Whenever i go for an outdoor or indoor run, i absolutely need some type of music between 170-180 bpm to help me keep cadence for my "barefoot-style" running. (zero drop heel shoes that promote for/mid-foot strike instead of heel strike)
  2. i once experimented riding with music. My first gen airpods work great for my ear anatomy. They fit very snug and won't budge even when running or jumping rope. they stay in place with my helmet on. Riding with music freaked me out for reasons discussed above. I'm already super paranoid about getting hit from behind. Or also the very odd chance that someone is trying to yell at me to warn me about the Lion or Bear that is chasing me.
  3. The t4 is great. It has amazing edge hold which i think has boosted my confidence level and allowed me to ride faster and more aggressively.
  4. i had a somewhat related issue that i solved by going back to stock UPZ springs and adjusting my rear boot with a few clicks of forward lean in order to compensate for my limited ankle dorsiflexion. That solved my whole "i don't feel relaxed on the flats/carpet feeling" i also experimented a lot with different canting and eventually settled in inwards boot cuff canting on the rear boot and a little on the binding and 6/6 toe heel lift. Those changes made a drastic improvement in my riding and now i can actually feel relaxed on the board. This also solved most of my front pirate leg issue. I would take a systematic approach here and take full day to test out 1 change only, at a time.
  5. wtf did i just watch? that was awesome
  6. A short video taken by @Odd Job of me at Copper on copperacropolis. t4 coiler nirvana energy, 170 12-14 scr. @Odd Job and @yamifumi think i'd be right at home on a GS board. I dunno, i'm really liking my nirvana now. Enjoy. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NKNLEQxia7XvtD4oRYwA5Ja3ZK0m2hi8
  7. Really? Have you asked every single human that has gotten foam injected liners to confirm? @Beckmann AG Your inbox appears to be full or i can't send you messages. Do you mind sharing Eric Ward's number with me again when you have a chance?
  8. Trust me, a lot! I wouldn't question any of Beckmann's knowledge. He helped me tremendously with my setup. Everything from binding angles, cant, riding technique to boot fitment and footbeds. The vein method worked for me; when i molded my intuition liners i taped pieces of foam to all of my problem areas, including the veins around the instep. I never even met Beckmann in person. he even offered up a free consultation to discuss my issues. That being said, it's most likely that ankles vary from person to person. Perhaps some people have "kankles" (fat ankles) with enough of a fat layer to not require vein tracing. Thanks for all the previous help @Beckmann AG
  9. Colozeus

    Yo Lci!!

    any of you hitting up love this weekend? I'll be at A basin tomorrow.
  10. So one thing that really helped me out last season was going back to the stock spring system on my upz. And, i'm fairly certain that it's due to my limited rear ankle dorsiflexion. I'm now able to lock my rear boot with one more click of forward lean than my front. I was at a friendsgiving this past weekend and i was talking to some softboarders about hard boots and they had never heard about them. I showed them a few videos and they were all fairly stoked about it. I doubt they will actually invest in the gear to try out.
  11. I have Ikon and will probably get A-basin once my ikon days run out for it. If i like A-basin better than love, i'll skip renewing my love pass this season. I plan on doing a long aspen trip sometime in Feb and i would love to ride with a few folks at aspen.
  12. Colozeus

    Yo Lci!!

  13. one of the main reasons i love alpine snowboarding is that every turn feels like a bottom turn after dropping in on a overhead wave. Those waves look good! I miss my longboarding days in cocoa beach.
  14. I am definitely in. I love aspen, despite it's super expensive "foo foo" whatever attitude. I still think aspen has the best runs for carving. Big Burn for the win!
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