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  1. John E

    Yo Lci!!

    We were up on Thursday. The snow was pretty scratchy. I was struggling with equipment issues and condition issues but Arne was smooth as always. I think they're due for some more snow this week. Hopefully enough to refresh the runs. If not, I may wimp out and call it a season. How were conditions (snow, crowds, weather) on Sunday?
  2. John E

    Yo Lci!!

    Arne described the conditions on Sunday as "frozen death cookies". Not sure exactly what that is but it doesn't sound fun. I noticed that the temperature at Leadville on Saturday was 55 degrees. The snow up at altitude must have been very slushy. If that stuff froze overnight, it would make for very unpleasant riding. Doesn't look like they're going to get any significant snow anytime soon. Riding might be better (?) in the afternoons for a while.
  3. Wow - that's great! Yup - Raven is our Greyhound. We put a GPS tracker on her and she topped out at 31.8 mph. I think the racers can hit over 40 mph. The image is just the Greyhound Bus logo. My Flux is not asymmetric - I think it's just the angle of the photo.
  4. How many guys wive's buy them a new custom snowboard for their 62nd birthday? My new Donek Flux (Raven is our Greyhound):
  5. John E

    Yo Lci!!

    Great day yesterday. About 2" new overnight and maybe 6" total since last week. Snow was pretty soft. Ran a couple on Ptarmigan, over to #4. Scrub was groomed. Then over to #8. Some real powder on The Plunge and under the lift and the groomer was very nice. Then over to #9 for about 4 runs on Rookie Road. Best snow of the season (for me).
  6. My old boots were the Nitros. They fit me very snugly but I would never claim they were comfortable. I've only ridden the Talons twice. I have narrow feet so it is hard to get boots sufficiently tight without having my toes crunched. Since the Talons are size 10 and the Nitros are 9s, the Talons seem very roomy. My early reaction was that they were too loose. However I notice that when I ride I (unintentionally) clench my toes. When I get to the liftline, I'm aware of this and ask myself "why am I doing this?" (it serves no purpose). So, I'm trying to relax in the Talons. Once I get over the "
  7. Old Nitro Darkseid (US Men's 9) = 29.7 cm New Flow Talon (US Men's 10) = 30.6 cm
  8. John E

    Yo Lci!!

    Pete - from others I know with thyroid problems this can be a complex issue. Hashimoto's Syndrome I think is the term. I believe that it is treatable but may not be as straightforward as taking a medication. Good luck in your search for a treatment.
  9. John E

    Yo Lci!!

    Up yesterday with Gregory. Saw Arne & Pete as well. Another great day: Easy drive up, nobody in the lodge, no lift lines, slopes we pretty empty, sunshine, easy drive home. Under 40 minutes from the Dino lots to Loveland and about the same going home. We ran about 6 runs on Ptarmigan, 3 runs on #6 and then over to #9. We ran Rookie's Road about 6 times. That run is really great: good groom, almost nobody on it and lots of vertical.
  10. This is interesting. I find my soft boots more comfortable than hard boots. I agree that the boot / board interface is much cruder with soft boots. However, whenever I click into my hard boot bindings, I feel like my lower legs are cast in concrete. Much more restrictive than softies. Also, the forward angles of hard boots seems less natural to me than soft boots. I don't think softies are better in every way, just a better compromise for me. Soft boots & bindings are probably several pounds lighter than hard boots. To each his own!
  11. I don't know the specs of the board. A friend & I both tried a 158 Saber and a 162 Flux. We both LOVED the Flux. I just got a pair of Flow Talon boots and new Flow bindings. I'm pretty lazy and don't like sitting down to buckle in. The boots are pretty stiff (but maybe not the stiffest). We're going up tomorrow and repeat the experiment (Flux / Saber). Both of us are ready to order new Flux boards.
  12. I demo'ed a 162 Flux from Donek last Thursday. It was the most fun I ever had on a snowboard except for a powder day. I'm going to order one for myself soon.
  13. I'd guess that most rental cars have better tires than the average driver in Denver. I've got a front wheel drive car with snow tires. The only time I have problems is getting stuck in traffic. However, there have been times when we get a big dump in March and getting up I-70 with all-season tires could be a problem. Another alternative would be to look for lodging in Dillon, Frisco or Silverthorne. These are all less than 20 minutes from 5 ski areas.
  14. Find some lodging in west Denver (or possibly Georgetown) and head up to Loveland! Only about 45 minutes from west Denver. The base of Loveland is about 10,000 feet and the snow stays pretty good later in the season. If you carve mid-week, there are very few people. If you head up on Sunday, there is a pretty good group of carvers there. Loveland is the opposite of Aspen - just an old ski area. Fixed-grip lifts, no lodging and pretty simple. You can probably find discount tickets on Denver Craigslist (look for "4-Paks").
  15. Sounds like the most important thing to you is what you others think about you.
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