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SOLD - 169 Coiler AM "All Mountain"


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SELLING 169 Coiler AM - $250 SHIPPED (included shipping for contiguous USA only; will have to figure out postage for other areas). I could also schedule pickup if near the SW Denver metro area.

Bought as my first alpine board and was a great board to learn on. Has very recent (~10,000 vertical feet ago) base grind, wax, and edge sharpening done by Denver Sports Lab. This is a great board, and it's flexible enough to ride off piste. Lots of light scratches on top, but only cosmetic. I bought it used so I don't know the weight it was build for, but when I called Bruce he said it was probably somewhere in the 145-185 range. I'm 180 myself, and it worked well for me as an alpine beginner. It's a 19 cm waist width and about a 10 meter sidecut when I was trying to calculate it.

Thanks for looking.





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Board is sold
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48 minutes ago, barryj said:

Hmmm....So it's a 10-11 scr?   That sounds more like a Slalom board than All Mtn.  ??

What base and edge angles ya running on it?? 

Yeah that's about right for sidecut. Like I said, that's me doing a best geometric estimate. Bruce at Coiler used to make a line of boards called "All Mountain." This is one of those. You can see the continuation of that on his website now under VSR AM. 

It's got 1 degree base edge and 2 degree side edge angles on it right now. 

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Yeertha...... thanks for that info but I'll pass on a 19w .......  I am in the hunt for a shorter turny board....but just delamed my Swoard Dual and at the moment need a wider crud destroyer board that can carve ....most immediately for work.

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2 minutes ago, Colozeus said:

Hmmm, this could be a good beater board. How does this compare to a energy nirvana? Also, possible dibs if still available. 

I'm newer to alpine riding so I may not be the best to ask that, but my understanding is the energy would have higher camber as well as being a bit stiffer. I can tell you that my nirvana balance is stiffer than this. I'm about to head home from work to measure stance width ranges for someone that PMed me, but I'll get back to you and let you know if he passes or takes it.

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