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Catek OS1/WC (Found)


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More flexible how/where?

Smaller footprint sounds good, minimization of the dead spot they'll create in the flex.

I'm not pleased with the amount of flex in my F2 race titaniums. Nor the options available for lift and canting. I like the seeming versatility of the cateks in that regard.

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The parts on the OS2 are thinner than the same parts on the OS1, plus an extra slice in the stack, so when you bolt them all together, you get more 'give'.

Smaller footprint isn't so good when you have a significant lever above the anchor point, and the apparent  large footprint 'dead spot'  is a handy excuse for iffy technique.

If your goal is finite determination of cant and lift, without those variables being colored by binding flex, go for the OS1, or the predecessor WC. 

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On Mon Feb 26 2018 at 2:44 PM, Gremlin said:

Gotcha. That's the reason I'm dissatisfied with the F2s. The height requirement in the front toe with UPZs gives it a lot of squish.

Makes sense.

Indeed it is. Thanks for the help.

Can I edit the post title here, or do I need to repost?

See you space cowboy... 

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Gremlin,  if it is flex that you dislike or want to lessen, i think the step-in version of the OS1 (w/intec) is way more rigid a transfer than OS1 outfitted with the Standards.

just my .02 Cents.  i have ridden both versions of OS1 and some borrowed OS2s and i prefer the OS1 with step-ins.  I am well over 6 ft, about 220 lbs with gear and my boot size is 31.5.   i like the larger diameter disc - dead zone and all.  OS2 smaller diameter disc "feels" great but also "felt" to me like it'd yank the inserts out of some boards.  

the step-ins have been very reliable but the standard bails have bent and released, on occasion.  my experience anyway.

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  • Gremlin changed the title to Catek OS1/WC

I'm not interested in intec heels. My understanding is that the increased stiffness is largely due to the heel being solid, rather than compressible at all. The increased heel height would force me to run an even more extreme lift under my front toe. I also dislike introducing more complexity and expense into a system without good cause. Instead I'll eventually buy or make harder sole blocks if I find the need.

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Didn't think swapping the original heel out for an Intec mechanism changed the heel height, but then I've been wrong before.

Intecs are stiffer partly because the retention mechanism is more positive, and independent of bail tension/deformation. This, directly at the base of the 'lever'.

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To be fair, I've never handled a set. This is basesd on old forum posts I found, which eveyone knows are 100% correct.

Why more positive? I'd imagine the pins would need some small amount of slop in order to allow for reliable engagement. Is it due to to the greater contact of the front bail and a wider attachment point?

The increased bail deflection makes sense.

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150%. Always.

If you look at the heel receiver on the binding, you'll notice the front edges of the wings are angled. There are ramped plastic tabs (stainless pins on the Fintec) on the sides of the boot heel section that wedge against the leading edge of these wings as the rider pushes the boot down and against the resistance from the toe bail. If adjusted properly, when the heel receiver and mating tabs/pins/toe bail are properly engaged, the larger retention pins will spring forth from the boot heel into the side holes in the receiver, preventing the boot heel from lifting out of mesh. 

Stock boot toe/heel pads are often rubber, or a softer plastic than the boot shell proper. These can provide significant 'give' in a bail closure system, so the Intec closure is generally preferred if extra flex and wobble isn't your thing.  

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