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  1. My stance is fairly narrow. My boots are stiff, and their geometry makes a wider stance currently impractical. Width will be revisited after further bootwork. I was full forward on my rear insert set in front and front insert set in the rear. I do tend to have issues rotating my hips out of my turns. I'd marked it as a width issue, but watching this video I'm suspecting my cant. I worked on my one foot some yesterday and realized my front foot is all out of wack anyways. I have to intentionally keep the board carving on my heels, and can't get it to skid on my toes. I've
  2. BlueB I mostly got rid of the twist with the heel lift. The cuff mitigation was testing before I picked up the heel more. The tracking isn't a sensation of twist, but excessive nose pressure causing the board to want to dive or fishtail. barryj Volkl Renn Tiger 19.5 in the waist (I think) Scr tight, don't know the number Lange plug boots in Catek WCs 13 years riding, 4.5 in hardboots It was good. Incredibly slow and soft. The lack of crowds was a relief. Stail now gets absolutely overrun by tourists because of the aquisition.
  3. Splay is largely a byproduct of feet that collapse medially. I ran 2.5° or 5° before I had footbeds made. With footbeds my rear knee was uncomfortable when splayed. Now that my legs are aligned, my ankles and knees travel on or close to the same path. It makes absorbing and reacting to terrain irregularity easier and faster, countersteering with the ankles is easier, and my feet and ankles don't change shape or alignment when weight distribution changes.
  4. Additional info upon finding a level. 55° on both bindings. .5° - .8° front cant 2.5 - 3 toe lift 6.2 - 6.5 heel lift .2 - .5 rear cant Cants are outward. Boots have an internal ramp of 4°. Forward lean is slightly reduced in the front, and stock in the rear. My rear lift seems high to me, but the board had a tendency to twist down the front heel and rear toe otherwise. This effect is reduced but not eliminated with my cuffs undone.
  5. The knee looks that way, but doesn't feel it. I'm not sure it matters unless it's indicative of a separate issue. Soles strike flat when walking, cuff pressure to the sides feels relatively even turn to turn. I do have to be careful not to relax and unintentionally pressure the front cuff in the rear.
  6. Additionally, I'm having trouble with my rear boot bottoming out on flex. I could and may create more forward RoM in the shell, but there's already a decent amount. My intent is to decrease the internal ramp, and possibly also the forward lean.
  7. Hello all. I've recently acquired a pair of Lange plug boots that I'm in the process of modifying for flex and range of motion. I've narrowed my stance one position on my WCs. One footing feels pretty even one edge to the other. The board feels unstable and prone to catching if I'm trying to track straight, considering moving both my bindings back one position. In the video I'm hanging off the back. I think a large part of that is fighting how soft and slow the snow was today. My front quad was smoking, but it was hard to tell what was the snow and what was poor alignment.
  8. I don't like racists. They're always trenching up groom and closing good trails.
  9. It does seem like 80/20 could be a bit steep, but I remain hopeful for my future. I've been riding hardboots for about five years now. I started with some beat and significantly too large Burton Winds. Being a longtime softboot carver, I was able to figure out how to throw myself into the cuffs and lay good trenches most of the way down a decently groomed hill. Chop was my limit; things like bumps, trees, steeps, or clean single cat width skidded turns were nigh unthinkable. My focus was always on gross muscular activity. Where my hips were, which way my knees were going, how
  10. To borrow Beckmanns analogy and observation, your hips down are the suspension under your bike. A mass suspended over a single control plane that requires counter steering in order to efficiently maneuver that mass into and out of turns. Those counter steering motions are high resolution and achieved by the ankle when there's a sufficient range of motion left there, allowing the rest of the leg to function as springs and dampers. If the rom is compromised, the inputs for that board movement are both pushed further up the chain and reduced in resolution. This will cause those larger muscle
  11. Gremlin


    Sorry to hear that you called it. Knowing when to bail is a vital Stail skill though. Hope to see you around again later this winter when it's good out. Keep in mind that you were here during the Christmas blackout, and our weather has been warm and rain then just below freezing for the last three weeks. Not a stellar showing. The acquisition has really hurt the mountain in a variety of ways. They're understaffed for a variety of reasons like pay, location/housing, and a loss of a dedicated contingent that left in the transition. The accessibility to the masses with the epic p
  12. Gremlin


    I'm around Stowe and would be happy to meet up. With the local I'm blacked out till the 1st. You're not kidding about the hordes. The acquisition has been atrocious for quantity and average quality of skiers and riders.
  13. Waist on the Tinkler? Insert width?
  14. Everything is still available. I'm out of town through the end of the month so the earliest I can ship is December. Boots are marked 279/299.
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