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  1. Thanks. I've never had any friction issues in boots, plastic has a pretty low coefficient. My rear pivots are spherical bearings for other reasons though, and there's no compressive force transferred into the cuff. I'd guess your boots together weigh less than one of mine. Not built with uphill in mind. A good idea to use donor plastic as hot glue. I surprisingly have very minimal ingress unless it's actively wet out, so I'm not worried for now.
  2. There's footage from last year in this thread. Boots (especially the rear) are lacking a lot of range of motion there, and underfoot geometry is different. Flexion/extension wasn't nearly as free. Unfortunately nothing from this year. Getting a buddy to film, on a clear enough day, in decent conditions, is challenging in the east. I also only got three weeks in this year, and two of them were in powder.
  3. Thanks. Yeah, probably around 3/8. Pivot was relocated on both sides of the rear boot. Done at @Beckmann AGs suggestion to allow the cuff to travel more up and out around the ankle rather than down onto the foot. Seems to have the intended effect. Have never had a want or seen a need for them.
  4. I've had some requests to post photos of my Langes. They are very much still a work in progress. Boots are 150 flex plugs. I thought the stiffer plastic would be a benefit when cutting away and adding new T-nuts. It might be, but I will choose a softer flex next time. Getting in and out is not my favorite part of the day. I only got in two weeks on my hardboots this year, so development and testing wasn't ideal in time or conditions. I like the response and feedback that the solid sole and good plastic provide. This made tuning underfoot geometry significantly more effective, and somewhat
  5. Upz 165ish. My boots are Lange plugs that I've made a spring system for and cut away material to allow greater range of motion.
  6. I learned: How to modify my boots to allow better flexion between turns. That I'm able to ride stiffer boards much more easily without the excessive ramp of my old boots forcing me onto the tail. How to extend off my board in the turn rather than relying on the cuffs to support me.
  7. Currently at 18 front -12 rear. 2° inward cant on both feet. I ride with my shoulders mostly inline with the board.
  8. I've recently been experimenting with heel lift under softboots. The last three days have been my first on snow this year, and I decided to revisit my setup. Board is a Rome 148ST with a 284 waist. (Excellent board, A+) I was having trouble bringing my heel turns around and remember having difficulty last year as well. After some consideration I realized I was trying to fall and then muscle my way into it rather than bringing the board under me with my feet before standing on it. This manifested in pushing against my highbacks and using my knees and squat to force the board up. Havin
  9. My stance is fairly narrow. My boots are stiff, and their geometry makes a wider stance currently impractical. Width will be revisited after further bootwork. I was full forward on my rear insert set in front and front insert set in the rear. I do tend to have issues rotating my hips out of my turns. I'd marked it as a width issue, but watching this video I'm suspecting my cant. I worked on my one foot some yesterday and realized my front foot is all out of wack anyways. I have to intentionally keep the board carving on my heels, and can't get it to skid on my toes. I've
  10. BlueB I mostly got rid of the twist with the heel lift. The cuff mitigation was testing before I picked up the heel more. The tracking isn't a sensation of twist, but excessive nose pressure causing the board to want to dive or fishtail. barryj Volkl Renn Tiger 19.5 in the waist (I think) Scr tight, don't know the number Lange plug boots in Catek WCs 13 years riding, 4.5 in hardboots It was good. Incredibly slow and soft. The lack of crowds was a relief. Stail now gets absolutely overrun by tourists because of the aquisition.
  11. Splay is largely a byproduct of feet that collapse medially. I ran 2.5° or 5° before I had footbeds made. With footbeds my rear knee was uncomfortable when splayed. Now that my legs are aligned, my ankles and knees travel on or close to the same path. It makes absorbing and reacting to terrain irregularity easier and faster, countersteering with the ankles is easier, and my feet and ankles don't change shape or alignment when weight distribution changes.
  12. Additional info upon finding a level. 55° on both bindings. .5° - .8° front cant 2.5 - 3 toe lift 6.2 - 6.5 heel lift .2 - .5 rear cant Cants are outward. Boots have an internal ramp of 4°. Forward lean is slightly reduced in the front, and stock in the rear. My rear lift seems high to me, but the board had a tendency to twist down the front heel and rear toe otherwise. This effect is reduced but not eliminated with my cuffs undone.
  13. The knee looks that way, but doesn't feel it. I'm not sure it matters unless it's indicative of a separate issue. Soles strike flat when walking, cuff pressure to the sides feels relatively even turn to turn. I do have to be careful not to relax and unintentionally pressure the front cuff in the rear.
  14. Additionally, I'm having trouble with my rear boot bottoming out on flex. I could and may create more forward RoM in the shell, but there's already a decent amount. My intent is to decrease the internal ramp, and possibly also the forward lean.
  15. Hello all. I've recently acquired a pair of Lange plug boots that I'm in the process of modifying for flex and range of motion. I've narrowed my stance one position on my WCs. One footing feels pretty even one edge to the other. The board feels unstable and prone to catching if I'm trying to track straight, considering moving both my bindings back one position. In the video I'm hanging off the back. I think a large part of that is fighting how soft and slow the snow was today. My front quad was smoking, but it was hard to tell what was the snow and what was poor alignment.
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