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Luggage from airport to St. Moritz?


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I'm staying at the St. Moritz this year.  How do people get their luggage from the airport to any hotel if you don't have a free shuttle? 

I've learned that I'm not a light packer.  I end up with a Sportube, a full-size suitcase, and a rollerboard carry-on with my boots in it.  A few years ago I did similar and caught a free Aspen bus, but it was only due to helpful passengers and a patient bus driver that I got it all on a packed bus.  Is there a better way?   Taxi is an option, but I'm hoping there's something cheaper.  

Note that I'm flying from Canada, and cross-border UPS/Fedex costs are $100+ each way, plus the fight to pay and then be reimbursed for importation duty/taxes on one or both ends.  I'd rather just take the boards on the plane.  

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Darn Corey, i was reading you post from Active post side without noticing forum you posted this.

I was so exited that you would come so close where we will be, beofore noticing that you were not referring StM of Alps but Colorado :mad:

It would have been so blast to meet and ride with you :biggthump

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Haha, sorry, the St. Moritz lodge in Aspen.  It's like the Alps, except with more ketchup, apple pie, and firearms.  I'd love to go to the St. Moritz in the Alps sometime!  Believe me, if I were to go anywhere with snow I'd try to connect with other Bomber members!  

But wait, Switzerland and Finland aren't very close...  

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3 hours ago, big mario said:

Uber or llyft?

As far as I can tell Lyft is nonexistent in Aspen. Last year I got stuck at the airport with Ladia when there were no cabs around (the only time this has ever happened) and tried to hail an Uber. It was friday night and the minumum fee was like ... $50. I almost always just take High Mountain taxi. I can't remember what it ends up costing but it isn't much. Best way to go for sure. Generally speaking getting into a cab at the airport and making your way to the St.Moritz is pretty easy and quick, and not too expensive. You could do the bus but maybe not the most enjoyable option if you're lugging the kitchen sink.

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Hi there, I have used CME recently in Vail. Very reliable company and very reasonable!! You can bring 3 pieces of luggage per person! Paid $ 45 for a 45 minute trip (EGE to Vail) while paying the same amount for a 15 minute trip on High Mountain taxi from Beaver Creek to Vail. Hope that helps! :)

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