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Hey Mike, it was cool riding with you this last week (sorry you missed the epic pow day). I wear Forcefield body armor, top to bottom. The armored ProShirt includes rib, shoulder, elbow and forearm, and high level spine protection. The pants have hip, butt, quad, and knee protection. I've been in some nasty crashes with them on (wearing Level gloves with wrist guards as well), and I can testify that the Forcefield protection probably saved me from some body damage.



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I wear a POC spine protector. For me, it is like a helmet. I wear it all the time but I have never needed it. I'd like to keep it that way.

My biggest fear is being hit by a straightliner. Most of your body can heal. Your spine cannot.

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I ride with a POC Spine VPD Tee and VPD 2.0 Shorts. There are a lot of inattentive skiers and snowboarders on our hill. I was hit hard from behind by a snowboarder coming off the side of a knoll, but rode away without serious damage.

The impact should have ended my season with broken ribs, a broken collar bone and possibly a back injury.


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I have several pieces of armor from Leatt and cannot say anything bad about fit or function. Much of their gear is gears toward motocross/offroad riding, but based on my experience, the range of motion and protection level would be comparable or better than anything out there.

Click the link above, then "Protection", then "Body Protection" to see their line.

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Alpinestars Bionic 2...CE level 2 protection, if you get the right size it's not bulky at all...I wear it between my thermal and a fleece and you can barely notice it. Does not restrict movements and saved me several times. I had many injuries in the past, now I don't take chances anymore


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