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Great advices! I think that the use of a swollowtail can be a bit limited where I usually ride (Sweden). Don't know much about variable sidecut race board. I guess the Prior is such a board. More info on that could be useful.

Have a good friend of mine who designs and manufactures skwals http://r-a-d.se/shop/ Have never summoned up the courage to test one! The big board on the right is also designed by a friend and fellow swede. More info here: http://www.alpinepunk.com/

Thanks for great advice and the comfort of having plenty of excuses for getting more boards :)

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I use the analogy of playing a full 18 holes of golf with just a 7 iron - you could do it, but it wouldn't be as much fun...

True but you learn a lot by doing that. Sometimes we tend to focus on distance rather than type of shots (shape or trajectory, or spin control). Playing 18 holes with a club is a drill to practice them.

By the way, i do have more alpine snowboards than # of irons. ;)

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