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F2 2011-2012


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those graphics are lame, they look like they are from 1995


thought you might like to see an actual board from the fall 1995/spring 1996 season. this is my f2 speedster rs 164 narrow from that year. despite the short length it has a 13 meter gs sidecut.

my old board still rode great when i had it out a few weeks ago in hard near icy conditions. it's such a nice board that i am afraid to ride it more than once or twice a year since it is irreplaceable if i damage it. my newer speedsters are definitely better but i am still not getting rid of my old f2 speedsters--too many good memories lol.

hope you like the juxtaposition of the new 2011 f2 titanium bindings on the old 1995/96 board. let me know if you want to see similar vintage f2 bindings (they are currently at another location about 3 hours away.)

the 2011 f2 titanium bindings appear to be the same as the 2010 ones i got last year except my 2010 models have tan coloured angle markers while my new 2011 have black ones.




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because of the 3 pics/post rule i couldn't include these pics in my previous post.

the magazine was too big to fit my scanner so you will have to splice it together mentally when you look at it.

also of interest is the caption of the ad is "FUN AND FAST" not "FUN AND FUNCTION" like i would have expected. wonder if that was a mistake?




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