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The Kessler/Morison Story


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Great vid - thanks for posting!

Who is the guy being interviewed?

Now we have some info on the board's side cut - 21 nose, 20 underfoot, 15 tail. WTF???!!! That goes against what I've been thinking works for racing and seeing in other board designs with a smaller radius up front and bigger in the back. Is what he is saying true? mpp

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When it comes to side cut, there is none - mathematically; it is the Klothoid. The exact shape is determined by Mr. Kessler and input from the riders at the top level.

I don't understand what you posted in the above quote. Obviously there is a side cut so why do you say there is none? Even if the side cut is based on a mathematical formula it's still side cut, right? Are you trying to say that side cut has to be based on a single radius to be called side cut? Is there another reason you call it a Klothoid when a simultaneous parametric plot of S(x) and C(x) is the Euler spiral, also known as the Cornu spiral or clothoid?


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Mr. Morrison does seem to have the radii backwards. He indicates a 21m radius near the shovel and 15m radius near the tail. I'm pretty certain that is backwards. Such a geometry results in a board with about 2.5cm of reverse taper. It would be possible to pinch the tail to alter this, but I think the board would ride very differently than expected. The Kessler boards I've seen definitely have a tighter radius in the tip and larger in the tail.

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Please, give me side cut radius or a side cut number of a Cornu curve.

For more discussion on this subject see "20m sidecut" thread. Everyone is patiently awaiting your answer. I'm out

Why do we need one number?

How do you propose to discuss snowboard shape without discussing side cut?

I re-read the 20m sidecut thread where I posted a couple of times...the condescending attitude... :barf:

BTW- The entire thread is about... SIDECUT. Guess we're not banishing that anytime soon.

You didn't answer there so I have no idea why I asked. I won't make the mistake again.

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