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What's the most expensive season's pass?

Dave Winters

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Originally posted by Dave Winters

What's the worst deal?

I just paid $899.00 for an unrestricted season's pass at Steamboat. Ouch! This is the early season rate, and inlcudes one child under 12 free.

Gotta be Squaw Valley

Adult Full Season Pass

$1,269 before July 15

$1,369 before Sept 1

$1,649 normal rate

Children age 12 & under (in addition to adult full pass at same price)

$260 before July 15

$285 before Sept 1

$335 normal rate

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Originally posted by Justin A.

nope...I know of one that has all of them beat. 6k for the US Ski Team gold pass. Almost Anywhere in the US...all year. Plus its a tax deduction.



Is that technically a bad deal? The topic was the worst season pass deal (least cost effective). This one could technically make itheir money back after a 100 or so combined days on the slope. I notice that it is fully transferable - so you can share it (they just have to wear the pass and they are through). That's not counting the tax deduction.

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Only members, guests and employees are allowed past the gate at the 13,400-acre club, and prospective members need to prove they are worth at least $3 million.

Aspen's daily rate for 2004-2005 will be $74 and season passes will be on sale at the Aspen Mountain ticket office and the Two Creeks ticket office starting Monday, Aug. 16.

A Vail season pass with unlimited access to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin is $1,649.

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"So what's it all cost? At first blush, the price of entry seems exorbitant. The initiation fee is $250,000, annual dues are $16,000 and a full-on trophy home will add at least another $2 million or $3 million. "

Nothing's gonna touch that. Thanks for that, Pat. Although, it sounds so good it's got to be worth it if you have the scratch.

Fresh powder 5 days after a storm? 2,000 skier days a year?

" park a few feet away from the cozy, informal Buffalo Bar & Grill, boot up and climb on the high-speed Lodge Lift. It is President's Weekend, and at Big Sky the locals are complaining loudly about liftlines. At the Yellowstone Club, there may be two dozen skiers, tops. The previous week, the mountain's five lifts and three restaurants were fully staffed to serve all of its on-site members, which consisted of a woman from Greenwich, Conn., and her two kids.

The Yellowstone Club is everything I'd imagined. The twisting trails of the lower mountain are meticulously groomed and, as Warren notes, they are comparable to Big Burn at Snowmass or Vail's Lionshead-without all the people."

Hurt me!!!!

So- has anybody ridden Yellowstone Club? We want to hear all about it!

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and I was bored I joined up with the club.

Warren used to come out and ski it was fun he was quite a good chap.

but since my private jet is too big to land at the local airport and they wont let my butler Jeeves(he is only worth a quarter mil) ski I just dont go there I mean how can I ski without my servants

I need someone to carry my extra onepeices and a bottle of Dom.

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The most expensive pass I know is the Québec provincial pass, valid in ALL mountains in the province (yes, it includes Tremblant and Ste-Anne). The individual pass is 1040$CAN + taxes, the corporate one (transferable) is 1722$CAN + taxes.


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Friday, November 12, 2004

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the national governing body for Olympic skiing and snowboarding, in partnership with the National Ski Areas Association, once again is offering the ultimate lift ticket - the good-almost-anywhere Gold Pass.

For a limited time, you can obtain a Gold Pass medallion, which is fully transferable to an unlimited number of people, and have access to more than 260 resorts nationwide, including most of the ski and snowboard hills in California. Plus, the $6,000 purchase price, which will go toward funding America's ski and snowboarding teams, is partially tax deductible.

For further information on "one of skiing's best bargains,'' call 800-974-2226.

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Guest boogieman

the most expensive one i know of is les trois vallees 1200 dollar for 600 km slopes! and 200 lifts wich is verry nice you can get lost easy.

But its still pretty inexpensive compared to the rates you guys mention and what you get for it (i dont really know what you get for it but im sure your not getting 600 km of slopes and 200 lifts but everyone here in europe always talks about the great snow you guys have maybe that compensates)

ill see for myself in 4 weeks! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some of the Private clubs in Southern Ontario are really pricey. The one I patrolled at (Beaver Valley) was $12000 initiation and $1000 per member per year. The initiation was lowered a few years ago because they had a hard time filling their 750 member family limit. They aslo had to use their minimum bar tab every month. It sure made for low lift lines and empty slopes, it was really nice. There was the odd snob or rich A$$hole, but you ignore them and they go away.

Other private clubs like Osler Bluffs are really pricey. I am not sure of the initiation, but I did hear it was over $100000. You cannot join right away either, you have to be on a list and wait for someone to die or you marry a member to get in.

They are great places to ride if you can get someone to sign you in, the grooming is excellent ( It is really hard to please rich people).

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