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  1. It seems that I'm ruining a pair of gloves per year. Leather seem to be better, but they always wear-out/rip/shred in the fingertips, and on the outside of the pointer-finger. I attribute most, if not all of this to releasing toe bails. I've actually started wrapping the bails in electrical tape, and that seems to have helped a bit, smoothing out the edges and all that. Anyway, my $150 Swany's (which worked great, until...) from last season are now wood-choppers, so I need a pair. Any advice brands to look consider in the 5-finger format? I had an old leather pair of North Face (c. 2000) that lasted for nearly 10 years. Now I can barely muster a season out of a pair. Thanks! Brian
  2. Meadows are now open, but still nothing on the front. Coffee Mill is looking to open on the 28th! Nothing like like old, rickety lifts and zero crowd.
  3. Looks like Afton is planning on opening this weekend. Solidly cold temps for the next several days, so I'm sure they'll be making snow all day and night. Anyone have insight as to what will be open, trail/lift-wise? And on another note, can you renew your Epic Pass form last year, or does a guy need a new one?
  4. What, no actual surfing? Throw a fin on that sucker! I suppose it could put a real straining on a leash.
  5. Looks fun, and thanks for the report! Just about to leave for Lutsen, for Saturday and Sunday turns. Be on the look-out for a big, red blur. Brian
  6. Last Hurrah before the big melt? Looks like a picture-perfect, bluebird day. Headed there with the better half...
  7. You can definable pick-out surfers. Maybe not each one, but there's a certain style to someone who has a lot of surf influence. I surfed for years (still do, of course) before discovering snowboarding. Then a few years later I learned I could make more surfy turns on a different set-up. Haven't ridden the softboots much, since. It seems if you ride powder, you can get really close to mimicking the feeling of surfing whilst on softboots. Unfortunately here in the mid-west, that's not an option. So I've found that steep carves and hardbooting provides the necessary fix when the Lake Superior is flat or frozen (usually one of the two). As for style differences, whomever I'm skiing comments on how I have a different flow (not saying it's a good one!), even when compared to those on similar equipment. I tend to stay a bit farther back in the seat than a guy should, with maybe a little more Lopez/Thompson flare to the turns, and I can't help but hit the fall line and tuck under some overhanging branches. Brian www.superiorsurfclub.com
  8. Fitger's El Nino IPA (7.5%) is a year-rounder, and always pleases. Starfire is their "lighter" (<6%) IPA. They do growlers, as well (can't bring your own; Must be the brewery's. MN Blue laws.). Good food at the Fitz, too. Try the Wild Rice burger. Avoid the Canal Park Brewery.
  9. Essentially, it doesn't take any more time to sign-up than it does to purchase a single-day. You have to stay in the same line, regardless. Was out last Friday and with the preferred... $22. All day. Not bad. Maybe even a few inches to help freshen things up a bit???
  10. Yeah, I'm sure I'm out there somewhere. But as the ex used to say, "You all look like a bunch of seals."
  11. Thanks, all! One of the selling points of Whitecap is the trail-side, pet-friendly lodging. And it just looks classic. They've been getting snow (like most everywhere in MI), so that shouldn't be an issue, though I have had others tell me that yes, the grooming is not all too reliable, and you really need fresh. Would love to hit MQT someday (been surfing up there quite a bit, and it's a solid 7-hours from the Cities). Hoping I can cajole a couple friends to do a week-long UP tour, next winter. Man, there's a lot of good skiing up there.
  12. Just wondering if anyone could offer thier 2-cents on Whitecap. Every year we do Lutsen for 3-days, and were thinking of mixing it up this year. Apples and oranges, obviously (when compared to Lutsen), but their both the same distance (4-hours) for us. - Can this be entertaining enough for two days of skiing? - How is the ski-in/out lodging? Looks a bit... rustic on the (rustic) website. - Is there a bar/restaurant? Thanks! Brian.
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