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  1. trent


    racing both sat and sun this weekend. i think it'll be mostly on lookout, but there will be a ton of kids. you've been warned.
  2. heads up.... racing all weekend at afton. sat and sun hills 1 and 2 will be covered in gates, and kids. but, from 3 on should be clear as the d-team racers are at welch. (heading to that thread now)
  3. warning(s)!!!! racing at afton friday 2/24 morning/afternoon. hills 1 and 2 will be covered in high school racers. race starts at noon, but they'll be setting gates, and possibly training earlier. another d-team race sat 2/25. 400+ kids take over hills 1,2, and 3. ussa kids not going to lacrosse will be on hill 7. so, if you like the highland, the park, or hill 5, come on out! otherwise, find someplace else to play. sunday should be ok. d-team is heading to wild. so only have to worry about potential lumberjack races, or as always, the dreaded red coats showing how they can ignore almost all of the skiers code while "training". -trent
  4. trent

    MES 2020

    trying to add photos from last year.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/dNx3uXQ348ENWHTq8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/4db5CGjAGrzudxwN8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/H7q2waHzCrMWytdr5 well at least this year we'll know why you left! mr leaves without saying goodbye.
  5. trent

    Buckhill 2019/20

    i think speedzilla has a great story of someone doing a similar move to the ticket office window...
  6. heads up, d-team/arc racing sat 1/11 at afton. teams from mt kato, welch, coffee mill, and afton will be everywhere. expect all of the front hills to be covered in gates. the good news is sunday should be much better. they have a race at troll. so probably only have to deal with possible special olympic racers, and the dreaded red coats and their idiotic training across an entire run. -trent
  7. trent

    MES 2020

    my new years resolution was to cut and paste more, so here you go! (yes, i'm lazy and needed a reminder to set this up) last year was a pow day, i think zero carves were made (at least by me). somewhere i've got a video.. it's almost that time of year again. let’s all go outside to play! when: weds, jan 29th, 9:30am - ? where: afton alps www.aftonalps.com lift tickets are $59 on the preferred program, $64 not on the program. There’s also a 3-day option for $119. https://www.aftonalps.com/about-afton-alps/3-pack eats: bring your lunch, or money to purchase food. as usual, there will be plenty of homemade food from the sugar group. who: invite everyone you know who carves, wants to carve, likes hanging out with carvers, wants to wish bobble a happy 70th birthday, or just wants homemade caramels at lunch! see you on the hill! -trent
  8. trent

    Buckhill 2019/20

    xmas eve carving! don't be the jerry in jeans because you forgot xmas eve at buck was tradition, and had to wear whatever you had on, racing to the hill from work! (true story) i'll be the one on skis, woo-hooing from the chair. broken snowboard boots makes me a skier for a while. at least i won't be in jeans! -trent
  9. late notice... do NOT come to afton this weekend, unless you like long lines and hills covered in gates. racing on hills 1,2, and 7. also 200+ kids in the jr race program, and they'll be everywhere else (probably all over chair 3 and 5). highlands is supposed to open sunday, so it might be better. but the racers will still have all the best (open) hills taken. plus, they just groomed 1 and 2 yesterday for the first time. doubtful it will be set up yet. but, it sure made installing all the b-netting easier. -trent
  10. sorry, late warning... there will be psia certification sat and sun this weekend (maybe snowboarders too). lots of groups of instructors doing drills, teaching, etc. basically, taking up the whole hill, standing in stupid spots. just. like. ski. patrol. does. anyway, it could be bad, it could be fine. for the most part, they'll probably be talking a lot in groups, but when they're doing something on the hill, you might have a few runs of frustration. good news is that the d-team is done for the season, so that's 150 less racer kids on the hill. you'll still have to deal with us ussa bozos, but we're only on hill 2.
  11. afton will be bonkers on hills 1,2,3 and maybe 7 both sat and sun this weekend. last races of the year for d-teams. kids and gates everywhere.
  12. heads up! ussa racing sat and sun at buck. the front will be swarming with kids and gates everywhere.
  13. thanks for a fun day! too bad the snow wasn't very carve friendly, but at least the hill was actually open this week! because i can't figure out/too lazy to research how to add photos...... photos
  14. afton should be mostly clear of racers this weekend. ussa kids are at giants all weekend, d-team kids are at coffee mill on sat, and welch sunday. chair 2 may still have some racers, but 1, 3, and 7 should be free to play on (unless there's some event i don't know/care about).
  15. i agree that it suck the good runs are covered in gates..... but mud is absolutely right. better to have the hill closed than have all the jerrys coming through the course, or worse, cutting across the course. i see it all the time, even with the hills roped off. it will be crowded with race practices tomorrow. i'll start on a board, but may not be on one long depending on what's available. smart kids will also have other options in their car. bobble, you've been warned. again.
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