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    Burton Custom X 156cm, 156cm; Burton Custom mystery 154cm, Burton Mystery Camber 155cm, Burton mystery fish 151cm; BC Stream H 158, 166; Eno ML 158cm, Gray Desperado Ti Type-R 160cm
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    Burton Ion, Ion step on, SLX
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    Burton step on X, FLux XF, XV, 39/33 60cm
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  1. Because Giri Watts is an AASI examiner and an employee of Copper Mnt. We have talked with Giri himself. For people outside of AASI (SAJ demonstrator + examiner in this case), things are much more compliated, regrettably.
  2. The time currently is set for Dec 15-19. We are still in discussion with the ski resorts to finalize.
  3. For toe side updates, I'll get one pair to test it out. But this is a minor problem easily solvable with some rubbed on wax. the blue winged plastic tongue is called powerride (Inst: powerride_freeride). The one showed in the picture is a medium flex one. The company is rolling out a hard flex (red) one for 2021-22. In addition, there are many different types of tongue for different sizes and preferences. I have purchased/tested two types, looking to test a third. WHERE TO BUY: I personally bought the Japanese products from Zenmarket. The platform charges 3.5% of the item price +300JPY each item. Still looking for an even cheaper channel. And at this time, those tongues are soldout (unless you can accept the version without the side wing). Once the 2021-22 season starts, I believe those tongue will become available. Adjustability is always the big down side for step Ons. I'm exploring some modifications on a pair of Flux xv (xs size) as well.
  4. Some thoughts and modifications to the Ion step-On X combo. Boots: I use Ions most of the time: Ion for strap bindings; Ion Step-On for Step-On X. The Step-On version of Ion is slightly stiffer than the traditional Ion. But both are somewhat weak in lateral support. So I went ahead and bought powerride plastic shin support. the "tongue" has quite some support on the toeside, and, with the wings on the side, provide me with a lot more lateral support. The Step-On X binding: three problems 1. There is some noise on the toe cleats. Just rub some wax onto the cleats and the noise will be gone. (Rumors say that Burton will fix this problem in the 2021-22 step-Ons) 2. There are some delays in the toeside turn since the Step-On X creates two gaps: a. the gap for forward-lean adjustment; b. the area for folding the high-back. Both places caused some delays. A quick fix is to use zip ties and tie the lose part up. 3.The footbed does not seem to be thick enough and as a result there's some wiggling space between the boot and the footbed. A simple solution is to put a thin layer of snow as you step on. As long as you can reach the second click, it'll work very well. A thicker footbed would be the ultimate solution, but Burton doesn't have a plan to make one as of this writing (after talking with Burton HQ and the manager at NYC flagship store). Other than the potential boot-out problem, this setting is among the most responsive SB setups.
  5. The primary destination will be in Colorado for this event, sort of a middle ground for everyone. I know a group of LAers coming to meet with RAMA this winter.
  6. We would love to have you. Big updates coming up shortly. We'll try to make it happen with as little cost as possible.
  7. That's the prime event each season! Our plan is to make this happen either in December (early or mid) or in March, when none of Rama, Shimhoon or Ryan would have a scheduling conflict.
  8. More details will be provided as our team plans for Rama and Shimhoon's trip. To gain some traction of the camp (especially the reliability of this camp) at this time, please refer to Shimhoon Film's latest two youtube posts, and Shimhoonfilm Instagram. Shimhoon shot the July 4th independence day firework from my home at Jersey City, and recently visited Bigsnow and taught three of us softboot carving enthusiasts at Bigsnow American Dream for two weeks. I would like to thank Alpinesnowboarder and Jack M for supporting our idea to host a camp in Colorado this winter PS: Rama likes to put Shimhoon's sticker on top
  9. Would anyone be interested in joining a camp and improve softboot carving this winter with Kazunori Hirama, Shimhoon (leader of FunxR in Korea), and Ryan Knapton this winter? I'm trying to make this happen for Rama and Shimhoon (youtube Shimhoon Film) to fly to Colorado and have some fun with Ryan Knapton. Shimhoon is an apprentice of Rama from a decade ago, and currently manages Rama's team Infinity. Shimhoon is widely considered the No.1 softboot carving god in Korea. At this time all three parties have already agreed to meet and are making schedules for this winter. Sept 14 Update: The process has gone well, pending corporate approval on the ski resort side. Once confirmed, I'll do a major update, including time location, pricing etc. Expected by the end of this week.
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