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  1. I'll be traveling from Albuquerque NM, not sure where the best place to land will be for me.
  2. Car pools to get there from one of the airports? Let me know when and where you fellas are landing so we can work something out. This will be my first official carving event so I can't wait!
  3. Sorry to hear that Pete. You told me a bit about him and his ailment and I appreciated that. I wish I could've met him and I hope the the celebration of life is a beautiful one. My condolences to the family.
  4. I have the dont trip poppies on my gbomb and I absolutely love them. They are a much pricier option as opposed to the Bennett or trackers. I have over 500 miles on them and they're still great. I also highly reccomend grabbing a gbomb setup too if you have the cash.
  5. @snowwjob1 Stats on that monster? That thing is an absolute beaut!
  6. I was just taught this season the Loveland hand signals. If you have at least one buddy he goes down the slope ahead of you and looks back up the slope. Right arm up in the air means all clear no ones coming and it's safe to go. Arms crossed in an X means someone is coming through your fall line route and to stop or cease carving line. Thanks Pete for the lesson! And if you're alone always look up hill.
  7. After all I have heard about this board I think I have the thirst bug and I'm going to need one for next season. I have my eyes set on this model. I think this board will be perfect in my quiver. Any recommendations for the 8RW width per a 29 size boot? Can he do this board titanal or should I not bother? I heard some murmurs about that.Can't wait for next season already!
  8. I rode yami's board for a afternoon and as a 205 pound rider it had no issues handling me at all. Board has amazing edge hold and is great in all conditions, buttery smooth carves all day. Would recommend!
  9. So for me it was getting my Coiler EC and drilling the full C carves on an empty hill. Get yourself moving across the hill and drop down very low in knees hips and ankles and put that board on angle. Its almost like that feeling of falling into the turn, ie the point of no return. Full committal to the edge. Drill this and work on getting the body into a tight compression. I am 6'4" and so it took me a lot of work in the mind body connection to realize just how tight and compact I needed to be to get that board to angulate. Now that I am slicing though the snow in a more loaded/deeper position my endurance has increased greatly letting the board do more of the work. I am addicted to the edge now!!!
  10. What model was he riding there?
  11. Hello I would love to pick up a pair too. Are there any large? Would they fit a 28.5-29?
  12. Hey @slapos I was wondering if you had any opinion on if I should get the world cup edition or not. I haven't done any racing yet and don't really plan to. I am 193cm tall and 94 kg. Just curious thanks. Oh and I have a plate but haven't been riding it.
  13. Oooh nice what specs did you go with for the new one?
  14. Are the catek still available?
  15. @slapos keep us updated on how the 951 with zip fits is working. I am trying to get a pair of .951 but I can't get anyone to message me back about them. I guess they are prioritizing racers? I would be in the D shell and my feet are right at 28.5. If anyone has any recommendations I am all ears. My upz are beating up my shins.
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