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  1. A big THANK YOU to Rusty Edges and Daveo for taking the time to dig out the F2 parts and for the Karma points for both of their extremely generous offers! Cheers, the next round is on me! Rob
  2. Hi Daveo Thank you for the very nice offer:) I'll send you a PM to see if this offer might work out! Cheers Rob
  3. If you have a few F2 wedge cants kicking around not being used, I am searching for a few of them. Thanks in advance Rob
  4. I still have the original CBC TV recorded 45 minutes of Olympic GS on VHS. It was great to watch the nice big round and flowing turns in this race!!! I just went back to watch and listen to the moments that Marks equipment failed. Rob Stevens called Mark's plate a 'Derby Plate.' You don't realize how great it is to have Hi Definition TV until you watch an old VHS tape! The board and plate fail at the rear binding. It is hard to tell in the grainy recording, but it looks like the binding pulls a big chuck of the top layer of the board/plate right off ... inserts and all; the binding doesn't fail. I too heard that this was a Prior build board, with Simms markings, that failed. I am a Mark Fawcett fan, he was winning and still managed to deal with this bad luck with such grace and sportsmanship!! Cheers Rob
  5. Watch the boards skid path from the 4:40 to 4:48 mark, this is all that I mean. This is easier to do on a perfectly flat groomed run. I say just give it a try:) Cheers Rob
  6. Hi Freezer I went looking for a video on line, some of the short radius turns in the video below are the idea; you can see the skid shape in the snow; even though the shape in the snow is more cresent shaped. Think of this as a carvered turn, like you always make, where you are skidding the entire time but tring really hard to control and feather the amount- pressure of the skid so that the tip and tail of the board are just off axis of the carve. Then let the SCR do the work. Also remember that I said 'challenge myself' Cheers Rob
  7. Hi Freezer If you want to stay on the steeper slopes riding with the pack, try doing '(' shaped turns in a fairly straight line down the fall line. The way I try to make this fun and not kill myself by going a 1000 km/hr is Slarve-Carving. What I mean by this is challenge yourself to see if you can make nice symmetrically shaped '(' turns where the tracks you make are a consistent maybe 4" wide all the way down; ideally there are no big fat track sections where you kick the tail way out to blow off a bunch of speed. Turning this way makes it possible to maintain a consistent speed, even on steep slopes, in addition to not using up all the real estate from one side of the run to the other ... making it safer. Cheers Rob
  8. Rotation Instructional Steps
  9. Hi Mig Growing up in the prairies and having a subscription to Surfer Magazine, for years, was probably not the norm in Saskatchewan! This lead to me moving to Australia, as a very young guy, with the soul purpose of learning to surf. The days I spent learning down under and reading those mags have had a life long effect on my snowboarding. As I have a lot more years of skateboarding, I clicked this in the poll ... but feel the same way about surfing that you expressed. What is a bit surprising to me is that skating and surfing seem to be the minority when compared to skiing, etc. with the forum members here ... as best as this informal poll can determine anyway. I was sure that the overwhelming majority of guys on this site would have a skate and/or surf Heritage that Mig expressed. Regardless, any board, any binding, any boot, any stance, any technique, any heritage ... doesn't really matter when you are having fun sliding down a hill of snow:) Cheers and thanks to all who took the time to click and respond. Rob
  10. Gotta love Bomber for the cool stories that come out from time to time, especially when it is an obscure Skate add from the 70's:) Thank you for sharing your story Martin! It seems we are where we come from, with regards to boarding Heritage and what inspires a feeling when riding .... anything! Part of what inspired me to post this poll was a video of Gerry Lopez snowboarding with this son at Mt Bachelor. Gerry is of course a surf legend, but he raised his son as a snowboarder until recently. Gerry describes surfing and snowboarding as having a 'synergy' like no other two sports! Gerry's son, who is learning to surf, comments on similar feelings between snowboarding and surfing with just small movements. Give the dialogue at the 2:05 mark a listen. Thanks again for the responses, interesting topic! Rob
  11. Hi davekempmeister I think we are of the same 70's vintage, maybe you remember this add from Skateboarder Mag? I bet Mig does:) When starting this thread I pondered breaking skateboarding into a few different sub categories, then realized that this could be done for surfing as well and would never end ... so I just kept it simple. Adds like the one below is why I messed around with slalom skateboarding, always thought that it was fun. Slalom skateboarding was the beginning of experimenting with stance angles, a life long pursuit! Both feet pointer very forward is fun, but it just didn't feel right to me. Regardless, your 'both feet pointed very forward' skateboard heritage seems to have impacted your riding right up to today. Cool. Thanks for you reply Rob
  12. Hi Sunsurfer Thank you for your post, this is what I was curious about and find very intersting!!! I am the opposite of you in that I was always been more at home or comfortable on a ramp/halfpipe board and have never been a skiier; I spent years riding vert and still ride bowls/vert from time to time as an old guy. What is interesting to me is that this 'heritage' still has a big inpact on my preferred stance set up for hardboot carving today, particularly the back foot stance angle and sensation, balance point feeling. The upper body rotation involved when kickturning on vert is something that is like breathing for me. Cool, thanks for your thoughts. Rob
  13. Hello I agree that overall physical ability or coordination is the culmination of many, many movements and sports; cross training. I also agree that the sensation in your head and stomach while riding a mountain bike is very similar to snowboarding; you can get this feeling from a roller coaster or a motorcycle well. For survey sake, if the ONLY sport a person had participated in was skateboarding, surfing or skiing ... they probably could step onto a snowboard for the first time and catch on pretty quick. This previous heritage might influence the way they like to snowboard; race, surf, park, etc. For survey sake, if the ONLY sport a person had participated in was mountain biking ... I don't think that the specific muscle memory skills developed on a bike would translate 'AS' well to snowboarding. This was my thought process when thinking about this 'Heritage' poll, but all replies are interesting and fun to hear!! Thanks again for the replies:) Rob
  14. Hi Slopestar Biggest influence on snowboarding, as written above, is why I did not include an all of the above in the survey. Really interesting to see mountain biking as a snowboarding influence, didn't see that one coming for a board sport! Thanks for responding Rob
  15. Yes, Skateboarding. I have 'edited' this several times ... either my computer or the Alpine web site is glitchy!
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