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  1. Hi Johnasmo Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts and expertise, what a cool collaboration with Bruce! Can you comment at all on stance width and stance location in relation to the 'flying W' of the SCR and it's possible affect on the turn. Wide vs a narrow stance, wider or narrow W adjusted to a riders preferred stance width ... vs a stance that is shifted maybe a cm forward or a cm backward in relation to the reference 'Flying W' stance? I have spend quite a bit of time testing my Nirvana, but did not get a chance to experiment much with this with my Contra; covid and too much powder this year! This is mainly a curiosity I have as I tend to experiment with all my boards in hopes to get to know them better. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge! Your posts are just a pleasure to read! Cheers Rob
  2. Hi Dreadman The pictures of the terrain, videos of the riders and stories of all the fun at your Expresson session seem just great! Hats off to you as I can't imagine how many hours it must have taken to get that plane off of the ground! One of the best pictures I've seen in a while is you hugging the groomer guy, awesome:) My only suggestion, or perhaps dream, would be 'Banks' ... I've only seen, never ridden, videos of an area where they turn it into a 'Bankyard.' See the video below. Cheers Rob
  3. Back to the Future .... of Alpine Raichle Snowboarder boots, re-branded in technicolor mountaineering boots, and Emery Surf bindings started a lot of riders down the Alpine path years ago. Fast forward to today and you see high end ski touring hard boots and bindings sliding into the split back country world; Atomic Backland and Phantom Bindings. In the past season or so the only guys that ask me about my Alpine snowboard set up are guys with high end Atomic Backland type ski boots. They gravitate more to an all mountain HB set up (read into that a surf board shaped board with plates), more so than a traditional alpine board (read into that a square nose and tail board). Their eyes get big when I tell them that there is a trend of split-snowboarders using the boots that they are wearing. I see more alpine opportunity in really soft plate bindings on a board that someone already owns and backcountry boots as the possible 'gateway drug' leading eventually and possibly to an on piste' alpine specific board. Back to the Future ... what is old is new again. Cheers and stay safe out there. Rob
  4. Hi Corey Thank you for posting the skate video, I've never seen anything like this before! It's literally a pump track mixed with bowls, vert ramps and street features! What a great concept and the riders just rip! Modern skaters are so talented, the everyday tricks are amazing! Last summer I bought a set of Carver C5 streetsurf trucks, they turn way more than my Indys. Can't help but think that they would be a LOT of fun in Montana parks in the video! Thanks again! Cheers Rob
  5. Can anyone comment on what boots are used in that previous Cat-Butt Free video? I am guessing as stiff as possible, but maybe not? On a softboot scale of perhaps: Soft, Medium, Hard Thanks Rob
  6. Alex Yoder - Devotion to the Turn Great conditions, terrain and style.
  7. Hi Johnasmo I did know that Nidecker acquired Flow, but didn't know about the other companies! I had a hard time with Flows at first, but am glad I stuck with them. I love the Flows in powder, supportive and mobile at the same time. I have a fair bit of issues with feet freezing, I find that the straps when not done up too tightly have lots of support and the don't cut the circulation off to the Fred Flintstone feet! The 20-21 Flows have a different type of strap, not sure if it is to bring down the cost or is a performance improvement? I too am working on learning more about gear this and EVERY other season:) Cheers Rob
  8. Cool Thread, interesting to read. This past season I have worked to develop a better understanding of how different amounts of upper body rotation can be best used with different turn shapes, this combined with the concept that the turn starts at the moment the rotation stops. Most of this effort has been focused during softboot Free Riding in powder, Feb 2020 was a good snow month! When making ')' shaped turns in powder a much smaller rotation has proven to be really effective, more of an X and / position rather than a larger + and - rotation. Focusing on smaller abbreviated rotations helped me to be more efficient when driving straight down a fall line of chopped up crud, harbor chop, chunder and/or perfect powder in varied Free Riding terrain characterized by gullies and banks.鿰 Cheers Rob
  9. Really nice turns guys! Cheers Rob
  10. Since the Canadian dollar is like Monopoly money to our neighbours to the South, this might be a good find for your Dupraz. It is a Dupraz 178 6++ for $658 Canadian. This is a Quebec retailer I stumbled across a while ago: https://www.alternative113.com/en/dupraz-19-6-snowboard-178cm-dup-008.html Cheers Rob
  11. Hi Lurch The logo is my modified version of a Yin and Yang logo I stumble across. Nick's logo is a Yin & Yang that has rotated the original 90 degrees to also represent a wave and the sun. The meaning of the original logo is the idea that the Yin & Yang rotate, while the core reverts to stillness. I have often said that my favorite two tricks on a snowboard are turning left and right. On a good day the movement of linking turns together leads to a mind that is still, relaxed and happy ... all the while dreaming of slashing off of a wave:) Rob
  12. Hi Mr E I asked this question of Bruce as it would affect the top sheet that Nick designed for me, the Contra is a new model. Bruce further explained to me that the SCR is just one part of the change, the flex pattern of the Contra is like nothing he has done before. I guess the new SCR is easier for him to match up the flex pattern throughout the length of the board in relation to the SCR. Hope this helps a bit. Rob
  13. Hi Guys After riding the Contra, the mind starts to go a bit wild with ideas: powder contra, softboot contra, bigger and smaller SCR contra, etc. Martin - I think considering the Contra with the 10.5m SCR as a tight turning free carve is a must! dgCarve - Bruce told me that he has been prototyping the Contra with about a 9m average SCR. I think an powder nose and tail like a maybe a Jones Hovercraft with the Contra 9m SCR could be REALLY fun as a tight turning all conditions board. I think the bigger vs smaller SCR would depend on whether you want to blast over top of and through the crud ... or slash and slarve thought it. The SCR of the Contra is actually has MANY more SCR that just the 5 list, the five listed is to help get your head around what is going on. The SCR actually changes every few cms .... like I said PFM, Pure Frickin' Magic! Can't wait to read what you guys eventually have made and how it works for you:) Cheers Rob
  14. James Thank you for taking the time to explain your thought process and experiences, it makes a lot of sense and helps to understand your review even more. I can't believe the idea that skiers would try to ban hardboots, unreal! What I find interesting and a bit ironic is that we have similar problems, but solved them in different but similar ways. The resorts up north are nothing like the steeps of Revelstoke, but the 10cm on top of crappy grooming on a blue slope is VERY much like what I see often as well. As I am like many on this site, old, I stuck with the hardboots until recently. Where we differ is I have spent a lot of time trying to tune my HardBoots to carve with much flatter stance angles and much wider carving boards ... or the stock 26cm wide boards you can get every where. My feet are also too big to lean hard into a hard carve on a standard SB board, so slap on the HB's and go! I think that I was very lucky to find my Northwave Point 900's about 15 years ago, the overall design smoothes out a lot of ruts. I have put so much time into adjusting the boot binding interface to match flatter angles in bumpy conditions. I don't believe that really wide hard or soft boot boards are a problem at all as long as a firmer SB interface and a softer HB interface is adjusted accordingly. I agree ... get the width you need for the stance you like:) Bruce almost had a coronary when I told him I wanted a 24.8cm double wide dedicated carver! Thanks again Rob
  15. Hi James Thank you for your review and video, nice turns! It is nice to see some of the Revelstoke terrain! I too am a wide board fan, but really have only turned to softies and a wide waist (28cm )for powder. It is my understanding that the problem is getting P-Tex in wide enough sheets is why it is so hard to find wide boards. I have also heard that a board that wide and softboots is too hard on the ankles with the lever created and too tiring as the effort required to lift the wide width on edge. Are you able to comment on any of these ideas, did you find these ideas to be accurate, misconceptions, true but not a big factor, etc? How wide is your double wide at the center of the rear insert pack? You also have a really cool quiver of boards, a lot to choose from. What did you find was not quite right with your alpine set ups (ie VSR AM 171) that inspired your softie carving purchase for the conditions you mentioned? Just curious:) I am really curious what specs you would order if you were to get a second Exegi Double Wide? The 14m SCR sounds really big, but the turns in the video look like a great size/ shape. Thank you again for your review, it was helpful to read and fun to watch. Rob
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