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After being dormant for a bunch of years, what board should I be buying?

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A little background...

I rode a LOT all through the 90's and through 2002ish. Was very decent at it. Had all sorts of boards - F2, Sword, Oxygen, etc. Life happens (i.e. family, work, etc.) so I stopped.

I'm ready to get back to it, however, I'm a lot older with multiple knee surgeries, constant knee pain, etc. Since almost everyone I go to the mountains with is a skier, I thought I should consider an all-mountain board. Something I can carve the groomers with, yet still be comfy in crud, powder and such. I am 6 feet tall and 180 pounds. Still going to rock my hard boots with step-ins. What board brands, size and models should I be looking at please?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi fallen, Welcome back to the slopes and best wishes on finding an all-mountain board that fits your needs. I'm sure you will get lots of great info and suggestions here. I'm old with several ailments and I've  moved away from leaning it way over and leaving trenches, but I still love mellow all-mountain snowboarding in my hardboots. I love my Lib Tech Orca 153 for such (I'm 5'-11' and weigh around 150 lbs). Too tight of a sidecut radius for many, and perhaps too "powder" focused for others, but a fun all-mountain ride for me. For a more traditional type of design you might consider a Prior 4WD. Best, lamby

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Welcome back! 

A traditional big Tanker would be awesome if there is no steep moguls or tight tree riding involved. It gets to cumbersome for that. 

Donek and Coiler have their hybrid models, that are somewhere in between the alpine and soft boot boards  like Flux, BXFR and similar. 

Other than that, any beefier production freeride board mounted with plates would do. 

A big factor would also be your boot size and the angles you wanted to ride. That night determine if you needed to go custom, or just stock. 

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